1. N

    IG Followers Scraper

    Need a Scraper which can scrape large amounts of followers from multiple specific IG accounts give data for... Name Username Bio Media Count Followers/Following Private/Not Private As showed in photo, if you can provide this service please dm me or reply in this thread. Thank you.
  2. besard_thaci

    Why can't I...

    Hello! You are often trying to do promotion targeting different countries in the world such as the United States or the United Kingdom. But Instagram doesn't target that country, despite the fact that I did everything right in terms of optimization. The ad becomes active and targets my country...
  3. therp

    Mass IG Dm for Ecommerce

    Hello everyone! Did anybody tried mass IG dm for their ecommerce store? If yes, how has been your experience? Is it good? PS: I'm not asking for mother- slave account method.
  4. J

    Looking to buy an Instagram account with 5-20k followers

    I’m looking to buy an Instagram account with 5-20k followers
  5. vaden3100

    77Million post and keep going WITH CAPTION (hashtags)

    note to bhw: if you remove my post again please tell me why. ok so black hat world literally deleted my old post without giving me any draft or anything i lost every line i wrote so i will do it short: there is a man who posted over 77 million times on instagram with caption (meaning than he...
  6. D

    What should be my next step?

    Hello everybody! I just came across this forum through the Netflix series about crypto haha. But that's of course not the reason why I'm creating this thread. I was looking through this forum and reckoned that you could give me some advice on what to do next with my account. I have a Insta...
  7. W

    Activating permanently disabled account?

    Is it possible to get a perma disabled account back? A representative from facebook told me to wait 30 days, and now i have a message saying that im perma banned because 30 days have passed since i was disabled. I really need this account back, its my business. If anyone knows something, let me...
  8. Kelvin2002

    How can I connect a vpn to a vm without it going down?

    I need to run VPN Freedom on a VM, but it always drops the VM as soon as I connect, is there a way to solve this problem? if yes, how?
  9. Nihilism

    Wholesale SMM - Realistic Followers, Likes, Views & Comments - Instant Delivery

    WholesaleSMM Realistic Quality • Drip Feed • Instant Delivery • Competitive Pricing I provide realistic Followers, Likes, Comments & more for Instagram, Tik Tok & more, Our services are tested frequently to make sure they work fast and the quality is maintained. I've been an active and helpful...
  10. abhi raj

    While selling the Instagram account, what exactly does og email mean?

    Do i have to give my : original email and the password of Ig account or the email and password of the e-mail? to the buyer And if i need to share both the password of my email and ig account, can i just add new email right now and then share both password?
  11. digitaldeath

    regulation of tech giants focusing on social media platforms? opinions? ideas? next moves? -- the facebook papers --

    the recent developments involving Facebook and a former facebook engineer turned whistleblower releasing a ridiculous amount of company internal documents is going to make a splash. Such a large amount of documents will take time to sift through and verify etc. but what do you think we will...
  12. L

    Instagram Account Temporary Lock / Disabled.

    After using the App "reports" to track the activity on my instagram page, I was logged out and could not access my account anymore, at first I thought that it was a temporary lock placed on my account since instagram automatically detected it as phishing when I logged in using the third-party...
  13. M

    Looking for specific instagram mail adress linked to profile

    Hello, i am looking for someone who can find out email adresses linked to an instagram account. Please send a pn or answer here if you can help or know a service where i can find the information. Thank you, josh
  14. W

    Need help with disabled account

    I got disabled over 2 months ago. Ive been disabled before and was always able to get my account back, however instagram changed few things and im now unable to get my account. Does anyone know any legit way?
  15. CreativeDaddy

    ig still offline

  16. R

    Instagram Management Question

    Hi all, thanks for receiving me in this community! I own a Social Media Manager company in the European Market and I have a question about foreign countries. My question is, all my devices have European Ip's (tier 1) but I'm worried about having costumers from the US for example and even if I...
  17. sleepybear

    Mother / Child Instagram Growth

    I'm looking for someone to grow my account using the mother/child or mother/slave method on Instagram. Only looking for someone with genuine experience or a history of doing this. Preferably with some reviews.
  18. cteddy72

    Mother Child Method Risks?

    Need to know if there is any risk at all to the main account when doing the mother child method on Instagram? - Also anyone who services this method please contact me
  19. hazzi

    Does Instagram botting work in 2021

    I see so many saying that it doesn’t and you will get instantly banned but I need more advice on this .
  20. crabzz

    Got a noob plan

    This is more like asking questions Maybe you came across this plan ,I hope it will work ,whats your opinion? already joined in an affliiate program now my plan is to buy or create some insta accounts and do some follows ,likes ,... and post some photos after some time and join in fb groups...