1. koowyy

    Looking for quality mother/child provider on instagram

    I am looking for a successfull and serious Partner to do long term Instagram Growing with Mother Child Method.
  2. crabzz

    Got a noob plan

    This is more like asking questions Maybe you came across this plan ,I hope it will work ,whats your opinion? already joined in an affliiate program now my plan is to buy or create some insta accounts and do some follows ,likes ,... and post some photos after some time and join in fb groups...
  3. M0805

    How to do instagram MASS DM

    Hi is there any method to send about 1000 or more DMs per day without get banned from instagram? Thanks
  4. abhi raj

    Best way to monetize 50k insta japan travel theme page ?

    I have a japan travel theme page, of 50k followers, till now I haven't made anything out of it, engagement and everything is cool but never promoted something. Instagram account is this: my plan was to make a website and sell tour packages but it's...
  5. KJREDDY247@

    Is it possible to get verified without posting a single post on Instagram?

    I was working on a few tests for my next upcoming Instagram projects. I saw a few interesting profiles. They got verified and got more than a few million followers A few profiles have less than 10 posts and A few without any posts got verified and having millions of followers? Is that...
  6. A

    Anyone ever reverse engineered instagrams max_id values?

    Currently building an IG scraper and this would help me out a ton in terms of speed. Have any of you ever reverse engineered instagrams max_id values?
  7. A

    BHW under threat? Could it be cancelled like parler & POTUS?

    Politics aside, discussed on bhw are some things that are against the TOS of the big tech companies. I see cloud flare is used, I recall they cancelled 8chan just like aws is doing to parler right now. is bhw under threat?
  8. UuuU1245

    How can I monetise my IG page! 37.7k

    I have an IG page with 37k followers and I have only made 30$ in a year that it took me to grow it , and Im thinking of giving up and selling the page honestly , I would appreciate any help or Ideas the page is motorcycle niche !
  9. E

    How to remove instagram accounts with a aged one?

    Hey i read that it is possible to report and remove other instagram accounts with a aged one. I have a account from 2013 but i dont really know how to report and remove a account: I wanna remove the accounts of my school bullies. PLease help me. thank you.
  10. Justin g

    Need your opinion

    So i have this insta page and its sitting at about 35k but its almost completely dead, i think i get like .25 % engagement and its declining in followers, it was a babe page when i got it and i changed it into a model promotion page and it was going well but i left it for a while and now it has...
  11. Justin g

    How often to post on a theme page

    I have a page around 3.3 k followers and i post every 3 hours but i want to bring it down to 2 or maybe even 1 post per hour, how often do you guys post on yours ? I am also about to start unfollowing around 60-120 people a day if i post more often could i get flagged as a bot ?
  12. Nemus

    Not gaining any followers, why?

    Yo! So, here's the deal. I have an account that was shadow banned from February 7th for like 2 months I believe. I had around 22, 000 and for months it did not move, not even 100 followers. And After those 2 months till today it grew like 7, 950 followers. That's literally so bad. I don't know...
  13. R

    Stealing content? Newbie Question

    Hi Guys, im in the process of trying to bu my instagram account, just wanted to ask some quick questions. 1. Is it ok to use people's content? Or if I use google to just look for generic pics to use which others have probably already used, would this get me banned/shadowbanned? I would intend...
  14. Meerakat

    [JOURNEY] Growing my Instagram page to 10k followers

    I haven't done any journey in a loooong time, so I have decided to do one. This time it's an achievable goal, not something like 1 million followers in one month. I can't reveal my niche, but let's just say it's like buzz feed. I post daily and the content is unique as well. Statstics...
  15. S

    What’s the Audience Quality Score?

    Hey, Do you guys know what’s Audience Quality Score in INSTAGRAM ? How to increase it? What are the factors that effect on this?
  16. Misan

    have anyone sold IG accounts through Social tradia??

    have anyone used Social tradia to sell Instagram accounts? am planning to sell few accounts....will it worth selling there??
  17. hazzi

    Losing followers on a daily basis

    For a few months I’ve been losing around 5-10 followers a day and i don’t know why. I have changed from public to private and also posting 2-5 posts daily. So any suggestions, btw I have 7.8k followers and it’s a meme page.
  18. D

    Need advice on engagement groups?

    I am a travel blogger and have a travel account on Instagram and was wondering if doing shoutouts and being in engagement groups are still good to do or not. if they are still good than does anyone knows any travel accounts that will get more lots of followers from shoutouts. Also, does...
  19. Meerakat

    Instagram Mobile API

    Does anybody here know the endpoint that could be used to access user details like followers, pfp, following, etc..?
  20. UuuU1245

    can you help me with my dead engagement?

    Hey black hatters.. So as you saw in the title I have an Ig account with 8k followers (fortnite niche) I got them from botting f/un likes etc... My engagement was good getting 1k-2k likes a post and so on until i was inactive one day for almost 7months . When I got back my posts get 30-50 likes...