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  1. K

    Search for Instagram Handgrow accounts

    Is someone here who sells nichen accounts with 0.5-1k followers (the accounts should not be completely dead) for a price of about 7-10 $ per 1k follower
  2. Ninjamarketer

    Bot Created Instagram accounts

    I am looking for bot created Instagram account with the lowest price possible.PM me if you have.
  3. rksama

    [Help NEEDED] Creating Bulk Accounts - By GramCreator

    So it's Been More Than 48 hours since I have bought GramCreator. I have tried every possible way it has to create accounts. I have tried Methods used: - 1) Desktop Creation 2) Bulk Creation 3) Phone Creation 4) Single Creation 5) Manual Creation( Doesn't EVEN START don' know what's' wrong...
  4. rksama

    [GiveAway] Random Aged Instagram Accounts (0 - 2 weeks).

    So, Here is my first ever give- away here. I am giving away 15-20 aged Instagram accounts made with high-quality 4g Proxy. - Accounts are warmed up and ready to use. - Fitness Niche - Random age (0 - 2 Weeks) - Handmade with high-quality proxy. - Bio Added - Avatar added I will give them to...
  5. D

    Is my account shadowbanned or what?

    Hi, Yesterday I posted a photo on my travel account that has about 27k followers. The photo got reported on a account with 497k dollers and in less time got more likes about 7k , where as my photo on my account only got 350 in double the time . Why is my photos getting like no reach and likes...
  6. Wahab4112

    Need instagram account

    Hello, I need instagram account with 100k+ followers. Message me if you have any
  7. Nightguy

    Need help selling an ig account

    Hello Everyone! I've recently received a very good offer for one of my accounts to sell it for $$$$ . This is the biggest account i own so i would like everything to go well with this one. I have sold smaller accounts in the past for less via paypal. But for this one i have some...
  8. W

    Follow Block

    I keep getting followblocks on instagram. 5 Days ago, i changed my follow/unfollow settings to that of a youtuber to follow more people but instantly got followblokced. So i simply turned the follow actions off. Left the like and like comments on for 3 days, and still got action blocked for...
  9. C


    Please, any recommendation or suggestion for a good and affordable proxy website or company i could use to grow many Instagram accounts. Thank you
  10. samron77

    Longest shadowban on IG

    Hi, What was your longest shadowban on IG? I am shadowbanned for more than 2 month. (Exactly 64 days today). Previously I use to get banned for 15 days max but this is the longest. Should I expect getting my shadowban lifted up or it will be permanent.
  11. K

    Instagram accounts Problem with Jarvee

    Hello guys, I need your help i have a'lot of instagram accounts i'm facing issue. "your account Was Compromised instagram" with 30-40% of my accounts i changed password but after day i have same error but i can do
  12. SaintBlanc

    Whats the best niche on Instagram to get into now?

    Im looking to start an Instagram Network in a specific niche and i dont know which one would be the best. Currently looking into the Fashion Niche now. Any recommendations?
  13. ddlmanager

    IG management for a local gym

    Hello everyone! I have a client (local crossfit box) who wants to improve their Instagram page and get new leads. I have experience with f/u/l method but the client doesn’t want to follow anyone with the business account (must agree to this condition). Considering that the client has about...
  14. c0copops

    (Babe niche) Public or private?

    I heard there are alot of IG bots on the explore that will flag certain content; is this true? Also, why are so many accounts in the babe niche private?
  15. T

    IG tool

    Hello BHatters , Well I have a question about Instagram , I want to know if there is a tool can collecting to me similar accounts with a filter , Number of followers and ER !?
  16. PKB88

    What can I do with my 60k dog page on Instagram ?How to monetize?

    Hi,I have an Instagram account with 60k followers in dog niche.I'm just posting cute dogs pics,and the followers are something I got through follow/unfollow method.The engagement rate is not bad. I tried clickbank links on bio but that was not very successful even if I got 3 sales .Can you...
  17. T

    GMT2 Problem [ Help ]

    Hello BHaters , Well weeks ago I start ceating multiple instagram accounts and growing them using Jarvee , this i decided to stop using jarvee and start using GMT2 cause of the high cost and limited accounts to add . i start using GMT2 , I also get a VPS I added GMT2 to the vps but i find that...
  18. micleclark

    How to Get Best Follow Back Ratio?

    Hay guys, I need a little bit recommendation from you. How to get higher follow back ratios from my sources. Please recommend which is best follow back ratio from [sources "follower" "Liker" or "Commenters"]. Sorry for my bad English:(
  19. micleclark

    Is it safe to follow private account?

    If i follow private account then i got a bit more click on my bio link. is it safe to follow private account?
  20. Richard Batsbak

    Rent | Order | Buy -> Instagram Niche Accounts

    Hello everyone! If you are looking to rent, order or buy instagram accounts in a specific niche you have come to the right place. ♻️ Rent Niche Accounts: I will create an account in the niche you provide me. I will continuously grow the account. You have no direct access to the accounts...