How I wasted my Money with ADWORDS grrr

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by Catm6, Jun 22, 2017.

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    So since view services have been down, I have been waiting for my guy to get them working again. Meanwhile I figured what the hell, I'll try some ads. I set adwords to 100 per day and ran it for 5 days. I also selected targeted videos that were similar to the one I was advertising. VERY IMPORTANT TO DO for best effects.

    At the end of the campaign, I reviewed the results was was UTTERLY disappointed. I spent 500, the video earned back just about $6 LOL LOL . During the campaign, the channel got only 10 or so more subs daily than normally. The campaign stopped and the video died.

    The video NEVER ranked in this time for any keywords.
    The video was NOT RECOMMENDED or SUGGESTED by any videos other than our own.

    So what is the deal here? Simple. You tube doesn't consider advertising views as suggestion worthy views. No suggested comes from it because of this. They basically aren't worth anything in Youtube's eyes. Which is mind blowing to me. They are basically selling your bs views.

    Thank god my view guy just fixed his service so I can start testing again. My goal is to find the correct method to get into trending by using views. I was able to get to trending once by using a very expensive service from another group I've met, but there must be a cheaper way. I will share info with you guys in more threads.
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    yes guys thank you for this thread because i think me too many youtube channel using some tricks and/or buy views, and ecc but i guess also whatch time and of course real signal count soo much soo i guess it's good buy for example 300k views but do it slowly and use SEO for have more chanse to get real traffic, when you have it it's more good to boosted and have more chanse to be in trending or in a suggested videos
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    Thank you for informing us