1. O

    What BH methods do this guy use

    Hello, i've been been trying to grow youtube channels for few years now, but unfortunately haven't seen the growth this guy talking about even tho i tried the techniques he mentionned in the video and i've also tried many smm panels / microworkers views and the only thing that worked was...
  2. arap09

    [Giveaway] Free 1000 Tiktok Views to all

    Hello, It's the month of love so we are giving away 1000 Tiktok Views. We are giving 1000 views per user per day. So if you want more, post your link or pm again the following day. Just post your links here or pm and we will send 1000 views. Enjoy Guys! :)
  3. arap09

    [Giveaway] Free 1000 Tiktok Views

    Hello, It's the month of love so we are giving away 1000 Tiktok Views. We are giving 1000 views per user per day. So if you want more, post your link again the following day. Just post your links here and we will send 1000 views. Enjoy Guys! :)
  4. AllOutAnime

    I'm thinking about building a SMM service for Instagram, let me know what you want to see

    I have some android devices that automate Instagram. Since I started my journey thread, I often got requests to deliver SMM services so I wondered if it is a good idea to offer a service and start a BST thread here. I will fully custom develop it from scratch which means I won't be using any...
  5. Visual1337

    [GIVEAWAY] Get free 20K TikTok Views!

    Requirements: Registered for at least 1 month How to apply: Reply After replying, PM me with your TikTok Video link. First 50 comments will get 20k TikTok Video views. :) 20k PER PERSON!! 1 person cannot get more than 20k views The Views are not real, nothing special. Just a gift. :eek...
  6. BullseyeZ

    Best way to get views/impressions, likes and followers

    Hello, BlackHatWorld users! I'm an AI Artist with an experience of over a year in the AI Art Generation field (with Stable Diffusion, MidJourney, Dall-E etc.) and recently I created 3 social media accounts to showcase my artworks (1 on Twitter, 1 on Instagram and 1 on Reddit). Started posted on...
  7. BigPollock

    High Retention Views

    Has anyone heard about high retention views on tiktok ? I am looking for such service for a very long time , but the cheapest price I found was 13$ for 1000 views , which is astronomical . If you know a tiktok high retention service that had reasonable price please let me know , thank you !
  8. rijiwi9723

    [JV] Our music label + your real views

    Hello everyone, I am in music industry over 3 years. We had multiple music labels with over 5000 "fake" AI artist on multiple distribution platform. We also had our own browser based YT views bot and prototype using Android emulators. After few unsuccessful tries we bought established REAL...
  9. M

    Hi BHW!

    Hi BHW, Franky here from Amsterdam! A Newby… I have recently started a new music channel on youtube with original Hindi songs. As we all know it’s very difficult to get the 4000 watch time hours. I have tried buying it from a few websites but have not seen any result. After searching on the...
  10. edindesign

    I will provide you 100 listeners of your songs on Spotify - First 100

    Hello guys, i have my own method to grow spotify views with real user accounts that are older than 1 year. I am in possesion of 60.000 accounts currently. I will provide 100 tests to any person that dms me. Just shoot me your song link and i will provide views in less than 24h. Cheers.
  11. B

    real phone views

    hi I need help or at least guidance in the right direction. Lately I've been researching phone farming but in the sense of views\likes sportify etc, not about mining. Regarding music, I've seen that it's not as easy as it used to be and the investment, unless we already have our cell phones...
  12. buildandbuild

    Should I buy a YouTube channel or start from scratch?

    Hi guys, I have some years experience creating finance video content but had taken a break for a year. I am wondering if I should look to buy a YouTube channel or if I should start from scratch. and if i started from scratch, in the past high quality botted views worked for me. Is that still...
  13. Growerse

    GROWERSE SMM PANEL | All-in-One Social Media Marketing Provider | Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, SoundCloud,...

    Hello BHW Community! Welcome to SMM Services Provider $1 TEST BALANCE - First 100 BHW Members Comment on this thread with your username after you have signed up. We'll give you $1 balance for the review! 24/7 Fully Automated System Over 2,000 Different Services...
  14. S

    Growing Gimmick Twitter Accounts

    I’ve created a twitter account for posting fight videos/wild street content currently in following 20 accounts with similar gimmicks while having 0 followers. I plan on getting twitter premium as well. Each post i make us getting 30 - 60 impressions, how do i increase this and get followers? Is...
  15. ppdash

    I'm Almost On Giving Up Youtube Shorts - NEED HELP & SUGGESTIONS TO KEEP GOING!

    I really have a fetish to see my videos getting views.I know youtube can make money in lot of ways but my favorite part is to see eople getting millions of views on their videos. I have tried 9 channels so far but all the channels getting 0 views on every video.the very first two three videos...
  16. W

    who can help me fix my twitter views

    when i started advertising my telegram/discord on twitter, i used to average 1 thousand views every other post and sometimes every 30k+ views on a good post, but i ditch the accounts after a couple posts and make a new one. now i have realised that every post i post gets maximum 400 views. is...
  17. ppdash

    Can someone please tell me how people post videos as music like this? i searched it for days man...:(

    :( How these people post videos under music licence without any striking issues? i want to upload movies like this can someone help me please??
  18. ledaponey

    I've just discovered why most of YouTube views doesn't work anymore

    And it's all bad news, let me be clear A lot of large channels are using servers that send fake views with high click-through rates (CTR) and high retention, and you may think... Well, how does that affect everyone? If the traffic is low it mostly wont affect anyone like what I used to do...
  19. P

    I am looking for a stable and reliable YouTube view service for reselling purposes

    Many views on YouTube have been dropping due to recent updates. I am looking for a service that has not been inactive for a long time and preferably one that comes from an "external" source. I have tested various SMM panels available in the marketplace by adding test balances, but I have...
  20. C

    Instagram View Audience

    Hey, grow my Instagram (@carls_story) from 0 to almost 5K followers since mid december last year. Anyway, I get lots of views and engagement but like 80-90% is from Tier 3 countries (India, Pakistan etc.). Do anyone know how get more views percentage from Tier 1 countries like USA, Canada...
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