How can I increase site speed without reducing image quality?


May 12, 2016
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Hi, I have a photography site my site "page speed" is only 39 out of 100. there are no js error, no HTML error. Google page speed checker suggest me to reduce my image quality but it is a photography site and image is main focused.

My all images are "save for web".

So, How can i increase site speed without reducing image quality?
i haven't tried it but you can try

what I'm currently using is photon of jetpack for image optimization but there's a bit of image quality loss
There are many factors regarding site speed, and the majority of them don't have to do with image quality. Here are some metrics I would suggest measuring:

- do you use a CMS with a MySQL database? this will be slower than a SQLite database or a static site)
- are you referencing many JS files/plugins? If you can cut down on Jquery references, animation, etc this will increase speed
- minify CSS or JS files
- what server type do you have? a cheap shared hosting package will have a slower server response than a VPS or a premium hosting service

And lastly, "save for web" doesn't necessarily mean anything. You can "save for web" from photoshop and still have a mostly uncompressed jpg. You can reduce the jpg image quality down to 65-69 without seeing any significant image quality loss. Even for large high quality images, you should keep them <1 mb for the web.

Hope that helps!
shared hostings are slow asf. i personally outed any useless .js and .css outta my website and even minified everything + compressed images in 3 different programs

you can host the images on CDN. cloudflare
  1. Host your images on Flickr, instagram, Google photos or dropbox or a Blogger (.blogspot) site.
  2. Insert them in your website using "Insert Using URL" option.
This will not reduce the image loading speed but the images will be loaded after the site is loaded.
Besides what has been already said, do you have java, flash (ads) on the site? Those can increase loading times significantly.

Try to compress your jpeg images with Google's open source encoder, they introduced it in March. Google promises 35% smaller file sizes than currently available methods with the same compatibility and without sacrificing quality.


Figure 1. 16x16 pixel synthetic example of a phone line hanging against a blue sky — traditionally a case where JPEG compression algorithms suffer from artifacts. Uncompressed original is on the left. Guetzli (on the right) shows less ringing artefacts than libjpeg (middle) and has a smaller file size.


Figure 2. 20x24 pixel zoomed areas from a picture of a cat’s eye. Uncompressed original on the left. Guetzli (on the right) shows less ringing artefacts than libjpeg (middle) without requiring a larger file size.
Try to eliminate unnecessary plugins. Minimize the use of javascripts and CSS Files. Test and see if it will improve your site speed.
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