on page optimization

  1. Mendelssohn

    The site is not ranking for branded queries

    Hi everyone, I faced a problem with ranking the site even by brand. It was ranking, but abruptly disappeared. If you insert the exact URL, it appears in the index. In Google Serch Console, writes that the position of the brand "2" in Google, but in fact it is not. What's interesting is that this...
  2. pixxelhouse


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  3. Fast_Eddie_427

    Looking for on-page SEO assistance

    Hello beautiful and talented BHW community! Like the title says, I need some help with on-page SEO. Here’s the overview: Live site, built on wordpress. Was built from new after getting burned by a shady dev. Site is currently less than 100 pages total. About 20 pages are currently priority...
  4. Zain5

    *Boost your SERP with Digital Marketing.*HIT THE NAIL, HIT IT RIGHT*

    ARE YOU SO <KEYWORD NOT FOUND> ? Heads up! Say Hello to Well programmed, targeted and Interactive Digital marketing techniques, to do the OPTIMIZATION the RIGHT way. Don?t believe us? Try us Once! Why are we different? Our methods are AUTHENTIC! You'll be surprised, to see how we link up...
  5. IM Dude

    How do I do Keyword Research and On Page Optimization for a Chinese website?

    Hello Folks, I am from Anglosphere, I do keyword research and On page Optimization as an addon service to my web design service. I got a Taiwanese client and wants SEO for her website which is in Chinese in wordpress. Basically wants keyword research and On Page Optimization. Please Suggest...
  6. J

    Which are the most important factors On-Page SEO?

    As we all know the on page factors like adding meta tags & optimizing page contents works the best in On-page. Can anyone share the hidden tricks in On-Page optimization.
  7. N

    What is the best Anchor Practices for tier 2

    Hello, I have created some Back-links, I would love to speed up the indexing process through creating social bookmarks as tier 2. What is the best Anchor Practices for tier 2? Thank you
  8. godknowseverything

    [SEO TIP] How I ranked #1 for a keyword that was stuck at #5 for a year

    ( Above are Buyer intent keywords like "best xxx") I created this Amazon affiliate site back in 2017 on a fresh domain. Keywords were pretty easy when I started, but I didn't focus on it apart from adding content. In August 2018, I built 20-25 PBNs using brand and naked anchors. I saw...
  9. E

    Is this Silo structure right for my authority site?

    Hi, So I'm starting a blog for NY membership site. The front page is going to be a sales page kind of thing with calls to action to my free membership, product listings etc. It'll link to my blog too, from the top menu. Now I've been researching a solo structure to use for that blog...
  10. P

    Competitive numbers but still unable to rank, Can you please help?

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to rank keyword which have Keyword SEO Difficulty - 23 (Result from serpchecker) & On-page optimization score of 89 (Result from SEO powersuit) along with following site/page numbers, https://imgur.com/a/fNAqLeB competitor is ranking in Google top 10 and my page is...
  11. T

    What is rel="external nofollow"? Does this affect seo?

    Why all blogs and news websites using rel="external nofollow"? I know rel="nofollow" but What is rel="external nofollow"? I used rel="external nofollow" in my blog and news pages. Does this affect seo? If any other alternative rel="...." attribute is there? If you know the answer means kindly...
  12. seoabmgeek

    Why is structured data important for SEO?

    What is structured data and What will you do with structured data?
  13. seoabmgeek

    How to optimize Optimizing Content for Voice Search and Virtual Assistants?

    Mobile devices, smartphones and smart home devices featuring digital assistants like Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Assistant are invading our lives. With more and more people using mobile devices to search, people often find it’s easier to use their voice to search instead of typing on tiny...
  14. seoabmgeek

    Do nofollow backlinks help?

    As I said in the title, I'm confusing if nofollow backlinks are helping to improve my website position on SERP or not? I mean, google bot will not follow the link if it was place with a nofollow meta-script. But does that mean those links will not help at all?
  15. seoabmgeek

    Which SEO techniques play major role to improve ranking

    Hello friends - In SEO which techniques major role to improve ranking, like On Page Method or Off Page Method. please share your personal experience or guide me to how to setup SEO work to get ranking in major search engine.
  16. E

    whole tilte is not showing in mobile search result

    I have Used title in my website Example ABC | bcdfddd | Keyword ABC is Company name when i am searching with company name ABC then in search results showingonly ABC in title instead of whole title any suggestion how to resolve
  17. RealDaddy

    On‐Page SEO: An Actionable Guide for 2018-19

    You’ve got a keyword in mind for which you want to rank. You may even already have a GREAT piece of content. Now how do you ‘optimize’ that page so that Google not only understands what the heck it’s about but also realises that it deserves a place on the first page of the search results...
  18. ErossplayLa

    Need advice for eCommerce On page optimization

    I have a category products page than i need to optimize. Brand name CalExotics and for the same brand i have other 2 keywords as well: California Exotic Novelties / California Exotics. I made seo link page: CalExotics-California-Exotic-Novelties, in order to go for both keywords optimization...
  19. Shahzad Ahmad

    Problem in on page seo | my target keyword not rank in first 100 google result other keyword rank

    hi i need a bit help can anyone tell me best on page seo technique. because i am confuse. i try to rank my target keywor even his competition will too much low. but the keyword not rank in first 100 google results. and some other keyword related the article will rankin in top 10 result...
  20. xWGx

    Site Speed slower w/ http to https redirect.

    So I realize how important it is to have a SUPER fast website these days for SEO - for having a low bounce rate and for getting more conversions online. I have been working on my sites to optimize them for speed and I've come to a point where everything is 90+ on GTMetrix, Pingdom and PageSpeed...
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