ranking factor

  1. Shinichi Izumi


    Having your own website would surely be a reason to reach more clients and customers who would turn into buyers and going to be a huge improvement compared to the time when you still didn’t have your own website. Here you are, now that your business has its own website. How is the possibility of...
  2. Roger Marquez

    Best On-Page SEO Tutorial [Backed w/Data]

    This is another great tutorial available on Ahrefs YouTube channel on the impact of the most discussed/popular On-Page ranking factors. Cheers!
  3. sonyhp

    Keyword on domain name vs TLD ranking

    Quick question guys, does anyone know what domain would rank better for "news" keyword from the following? (considering both are new) abc.news or abcnews.com ? Would be great if you could backup the fact with a source. Thanks!
  4. Emily Hilscher

    Keyword is stable, Please help

    Around 5 to 6 of my keywords are stable since last month. I am trying my best to rank them up but they are still at the same place. I only can see minor fluctuations. Please help
  5. abusaeed

    How can I increase site speed without reducing image quality?

    Hi, I have a photography site my site "page speed" is only 39 out of 100. there are no js error, no HTML error. Google page speed checker suggest me to reduce my image quality but it is a photography site and image is main focused. My all images are "save for web". So, How can i increase site...
  6. LinkBuildingServices

    Never do it this way if you want to rank high! Crucial SEO mistakes

    SEO is an important promotional tool for any online business. If your site is not presented in Google, you will have trouble finding new customers interested in your services. About half of surveyed marketers involved in the business admitted that more than 25% of their customers find their site...
  7. zeetee

    New SEO Panda Leaks, Google Will Auto 301 redirect your Old Clone Sites

    Here are some highlights of John Mueller (Google Webmaster Trends Analyst) Feb 14th and Feb 24th hangouts on google plus. Panda and Content Spidering: If you are adding new content to your website daily make sure that spidering is increasing in Webmaster Tools. If you are adding content and...
  8. kochhansie

    How powerful can this be or not at all?

    Good day Guys I have been struggling with a kw and can?t get it past the 2nd page, I have thrown everything I've got at it and it doesn't want to budge. I have a guy look over my on-page and done some more high PR links. My question is: I have a PR2 site that was hit by penguin that...
  9. S

    INFOGRAFIC. The periodic table of SEO ranking factors.

    I hope there is no such pic here. I fell in love with it :gift: Enjoy: Do you know useful Infographic pics? Let's share!
  10. N

    Help me out friends, why my website went down to 3rd page from 1st page in google ranking?

    hi.. My website was on 1st page of Google ranking and when I came in the morning, I just checked out the ranking, I was shocked to see that my website went on 3rd page..I searched a lot for the reason but i am not yet convinced by the facts..please friends help me out from the situation..
  11. ibmethatswhoib

    Panda Common Factors for Rankings

    There seems to be a lot of talk about horrible sites being shot to the top recently, so this latest update that affected a lot of people could be just G analyzing those crap sites. I noticed one of my crap scraped EMD sites in a panda before shot to #1 for a few days, but then took a hit and...
  12. AdisLCS

    Looking For Rank Checker for Previous Dates

    Is there a tool/software/script that can check archives for ranks. What I want is type in keyword and url and get rankings for the past. For example example - example.com 9/1/2011 = 4th 8/1/2011 = 17th 7/1/2011 = 21th etc anything like that out ? Thanks in advance

    Help! From 7th Rank Google to Nothing! Overnight!

    I'm in shock, my website was ranked 7th position Google valid daily for 3 weeks straight, then I fired my SEO guy, and I checked ranking 2 days later and literally overnight, it comepletely dropped out of top 500 for my key word "beer gut"!!!! I am so upset!:confused: beerandbody (d o t) c...
  14. N

    Page Speed and it's influence to page ranking

    Hello, I'm wondering how important page speed is for SEO. I know that I've read about google including speed results to it's ranking algorithm, but I'm interested in your opinion. I installed that speed plugin to firefox, enable gzip compression for my page and my ranking (according to...
  15. M

    Google Caffeine and the New Ranking Factor (What do you think?)

    Google Caffeine is the name given to Google's "Next Generation" search engine, which it will use to rank and index all the pages on the wonderful world wide web. According to all indications, this is not just another one of Google's infamous Updates, but a major "Overhaul" of its index and...
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