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    There seems to be a lot of talk about horrible sites being shot to the top recently, so this latest update that affected a lot of people could be just G analyzing those crap sites. I noticed one of my crap scraped EMD sites in a panda before shot to #1 for a few days, but then took a hit and had it go back to where it was a few days later. Even if that's the case I wanted to see what some common factors are of sites being hit or boosted.

    There is a lot of information/misinformation being spread out there, in the threads where people lost rankings, a lot just say I lost my rankings help. Others just say "have unique good content and update frequently and your fine" well that sounds like it's nonsense from a lot of people here. So I wanted a thread where we can get some actual feedback on different factors and drop all the speculation. We have a lot of people in here and maybe we come up with some common factors that have boosted or have hurt your rankings.

    If you noticed a big boost or a big drop if you can answer some of these or all questions that could help find some common ground. Let me know if there are some factors you think I should add.

    1)Did your site drop or raise in rankings?

    2)Is your site EMD (Exact Match Domain)?

    3)Unique Content or Spun Auto Blog Content?

    4)How old is your site?

    5)How often do you update your site?

    5)How many affiliate links do you have on pages that got hit?

    6)Were your affiliate links cloaked?

    7)If you got hit on your main keywords, what is your keyword density?

    8)Is your on-site SEO optimized for your keywords?

    9)How big is your site? Authority or Small Niche Site? How many pages indexed?

    I don't believe your backlinking has anything to do with being penalized from Panda but we can add that to if you want. Is your backlinking aggresive or passive?

    Google factors are complex and this isn't a complete study I'm just throwing out some common factors that maybe we can see some correlation of ranking boosts or drops.

    If you can answer some are all of these that would help.

    *Save your cocky I eat Panda for breakfast, just add unique constant content etc. It's obvious people are being hit big time that have gotten past all the other Pandas with unique and updated content and are now trying to fix this problem.
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