1. SeoIsArt

    Undisclosed Google N rankings factors - Who is the KING now?

    It is not secret that with the evolution of AI, cracking googles algorithm became much much tougher, that we see threads "SEO is DEAD" more often now. There are numerous (I dont remmeber exaclty, but it is said a few thousand) google ranking criteria. What do you think where (which indicator)...
  2. Outc@st

    Adding Content To Existing Posts

    I currently have a few keywords that I'm ranking for on the first page of Google. The keywords are generating a decent amount of impressions with a few clicks. The posts targeting these keywords are only around 150 words in length. Now what do you think would happen if I added additional...
  3. aurim

    AI content for SEO and why people are failing after the latest Google updates

    These are my own opinions after being directly implied in some projects and also after studied why others failed. TL;DR: The conclusion can be disappointing for lazy people: Pressing a few buttons and expecting your sites to get rankings and generate money it's an illusion. (Except the Paypal...
  4. Turbo B.

    Is Bing a big liar?

    On many of my sites in Bing webmaster tools, keywords are ranking on the first page (#5-#7). If I make a search for these keywords on Bing (with the target country selected) - my sites does not exists in Bing SERP at all. Sites are indexed. What I am missing?
  5. Turbo B.

    Is this a normal Sandbox period?

    So I bought a 1 year old domain which was parked on the sale page for all that time. Clean history, no backlinks. Launched and indexed site 45 days ago. Later added several backlinks. Now it has 1k pages indexed and ranking on zero keywords. Is it normal? From my experience all sites starting...
  6. Epicster

    Site is only ranking on Non-English Results!

    Hi, So, there's a problem going on right now with one of my sites that got hit after the Nov 18th Core update. The thing is, my site is only ranking for non-English results, Before the update everything was fine. It was ranking very well on English results also. Even if I put my URL into...
  7. Turbo B.

    Can be rankings tanked by changing some keywords in content?

    So I have a site which homepage was ranking for a long time on the main keyword at #4. The site homepage is optimized for 3 keywords in the same niche. The domain name is EMD of the main keyword. What I did - I edited the title, description, headings, and content by changing 2 keywords to...
  8. perocJ

    ❇️ [PBN BULLS] ❇️ - EXCLUSIVE HOMEPAGE LINKS - Aged PREMIUM Domains - ORIGINAL Handwritten Articles - ❌ AVG RD 102 + ❌

    Frequently Asked Questions 1. How many URLs and keywords can I use? - 1 URL and 1 keyword per post. 2. Are there any niches you can’t accept? - Yes, we don’t accept adult niches in general. 3. Do I get a report? - No, we don’t provide reports due to the privacy of our network and existing...
  9. Jebberz

    Ranking improvements, but India only.

    Hey guys, I am just curious looking at my rankings improvements (I am new to SEO btw). It's been ~2.5 months for me right now and I've actually made some decent progress with high-quality backlinks (niche guest posts and edits with high DA), but I noticed my rankings are improving only for...
  10. Turbo B.

    Need on-page SEO expert to analyze 1 site.

    Looking for on-page SEO expert to analyze 1 site. PM.
  11. M

    Is there any way to increase ranking in a short period?

    is there any way to increase ranking in a short period? I mean some times I was outranked by competitors? even though my DA and Content is good
  12. L

    seo audit

    Which one is the best free tool to audit a website for seo and then download it as pdf i just need very simple and short report not long very complicated report Thank You
  13. C

    Found a Interesting site with huge traffic gain and ugly URL's.....

    Hey, I was conducted some research and managed to see this site, ranking very well. What caught my eye was the domain name, I thought defiantly an affiliate site, it was only when I looked at the slug of the URL's that I found it has just number and no keywords. I ran it through Ahrefs and...
  14. Myst3ry

    [METHOD] Improve the Rankings of the Keywords you Already Rank For without Spending Money ✅

    This is a twist of the method which @davids355 has published 2 months ago. His method is brilliant but I feel this twist makes it beginner-friendlier because it doesn't involve Ahrefs which cost money. It involves just Google Search Console which is free and very easy to use. If you have a...
  15. monere

    Banned Adsense vs Google Rankings

    If your Adsense account has been banned due to fraudulent clicking and your website was getting organic traffic from google prior to being caught in the act will its rankings plummet or will nothing happen to them? Anybody know this?
  16. ChristineAshe

    He Dominates 8 out 10 Spots on Serp. How?

    We all want to dominate rankings, right? This guy has reach a different level of "domination". How the hell he does that? I searched for "best x y" kw and i got this website literally dominating the serps. Have a look. 8 out of 10 spots are from the same website. On live serps he lost the...
  17. marrrko

    AMA About Real SEO + Short But Sweet Weekly Tutorials

    Hey guys, It's time for me to give something back to this amazing community. So, what's the deal? In the past 3 years, I finished, "SEO that works (Brian Dean)", "PR that converts (Dmitry Dragilev)" and a few other online courses in the same rank. You probably heard about them because...
  18. ToughSeoX

    ♛ ToughSEOX ♛ ⚡Guaranteed Google Rankings or Money Refund⚡ ✅Premium SEO ✅

    Do you Accept Non-english sites? Yes, but the content will be in english Do you Provide Reports? Detailed Tier1 report will be provided. ♛ PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW ♛
  19. Shropdog

    Googles new website ranking dance

    I'm sure we have all been victims of Google's chaos when we launch a new website and the rankings are great non existent, bad and then they settle ! Has anyone made any sense of this? A launched a new site this week again and within 2 days some great rankings without links, and then some new...
  20. T

    Does using DFP banner ads on your website boost your Google Rankings (SEO)?

    Hi, my website has been having problems with its google rankings in the past 2-3 weeks (noticed that shit started going downhill with the new Google core update announcements). I use custom banner ads (affiliate clients) and not AdSense or DFP. I see my competitors in the same niche who use DFP...
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