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  1. EsoEgy

    Help about website analysis

    Hi Guys There is a competitor for me, I do not know the reason for its issuance, the external links are not strong, and the content is not as strong as my own content, but I feel that he is a professional in internal linking to articles But I do not know how to analyze any website in this...
  2. P

    How to do On page SEO Audit ?

    I want to do On page SEO for any website . What are the best way and tools to find out the on page recommendation and Suggestion
  3. uxdrug

    Simple Cool Year extension trick I used to get additionl traffic

    If you run a blog, log in ahrefs and check my method. Also, improve CTR in SERPs. Are you using the Year extension in your title? What do I mean? Normal Title: Best Horror Books With year extension: Best Horror Books In 2022 people use years in their searches and using this in your niche...
  4. Ghost_Hunter

    Need Upwork Proposal Templates for SEO Freelancing [High Converting]

    Hello Pro's, I am looking for some SEO proposals templates for Upwork which are actually converted before. Any other template suggestions will also work. Recently, I am bidding on a lot of jobs on Upwork, but I am not getting any reply from any job posters. My success rate is 90%. I provide...
  5. Josh Saga

    SILO Question: Virtual vs Physical - Your Thoughts?

    Hello all, I'm in the process of building my site, have all my articles ready. I'm now leaning on creating Physical and Virtual SILOs - but I've been reading some SEO's that Physical SILOs are not effective anymore? Is there truth in this? If so I would just focus on Virtual SILO's? Would...
  6. Josh Saga

    SILO interlinking questions - help me SEO Gods

    Hello, Here to ask about on-page interlinking to create topical clusters for Daddy G to catch up on. I've been following guides here, and from other SEO blogs as well - about SILO structure I get it - I understand how to implement it and will be doing this for my site as well. The question...
  7. HyprGandr

    [help] Is Wordpress theme affect SEO

    Hello there Blackhat Forum, I am wondering whether a wordpress theme could affect my SEO ranking. I have bought some strong expired domain with a lot of Referring Domain and a good enough contextual backlinks. Somehow my competitor who use an expired domain with less referrind domain than...
  8. Elisa77

    Onpage Seo help

    Do you put multiple keywords on the focus keywords section in the posts?
  9. Myst3ry

    [METHOD] Improve the Rankings of the Keywords you Already Rank For without Spending Money ✅

    This is a twist of the method which @davids355 has published 2 months ago. His method is brilliant but I feel this twist makes it beginner-friendlier because it doesn't involve Ahrefs which cost money. It involves just Google Search Console which is free and very easy to use. If you have a...
  10. T

    The On-Page SEO Guide For Technical Processes

    Everything no one is talking about right now for Technical SEO processes. Source: https://seobutler.com/on-page-seo-guide-technical-processes/
  11. R

    Advice on SEO for companies.

    Hi guys! First of all, be clear in the fact that I'm a newbie. Right now doing a couple of websites for a company and they want me to help in the SEO strategy. Of course they're not awaiting results from me but I feel this as a great opportunity to learn. Saying that I'm looking for help in how...
  12. MarketEverything

    SEMRush Content Template Keyword Method

    Here is a method I use with SEMRush's "SEO Content Template" tool to improve on-page SEO for existing pages. First grab the top 30 keywords from Search Console. Sort by only your desired page, and export the queries to a Google Sheet. I usually do the highest clicks, followed by highest...
  13. tarjo suparjo

    help me to change the title

    does anyone know a way to add titles without changing the position on the SERP?
  14. SeedPhrase

    Short URL sucks SEO!!

    if I will use my keyword twice in URL is there any problem?? (example.com/best-college/best-college-in-california)like this. does it look spammy in front of google? some suggestions and feedback would be highly appreciated.
  15. Search Land

    URL redirection and Structure problem

    I am facing a problem. my website URL structure is www.mydomain.com/postname/category and i want it to be www.mydomain.com/category/postname it is easy to do from permalinks but the main problem is that there are 2600 pages it is impossible to redirect each URL you know anything that can make...
  16. S

    Tool Similar to Crawlcenter

    Hi, is there an On-Page SEO tool similar to crawlcenter.com that is online and has a crawl limit of over 750 URLs? I found screaming frog but the software supports only 500 URLs and it is offline. Please suggest some tools. Thanks
  17. SEO-TechGuide

    What is White Hat SEO techniques? Do you believe in SEO?

    This post, we would like to add a few ingredients to the utilization of SEO techniques online before I tell the white HAT SEO techniques. A few years, back at my SEO office, a newcomer joins the office and he asked me how to write content for a page based on SEO. It was a formal conversation and...
  18. soulless1

    #Freelancer Needed For Site Migration & Redirects

    I currently have a website that has been up for two years with some on-page and a good bit of off-page that has been done over the years. I had someone build a new site, that has the same services - that will need to be migrated over. I'm looking for a freelance that can assist with the...
  19. Tree of Life

    How to manage websites with multiple pages with low content? Like Profiles

    Let's take an example of a dog adoption site. the site structure looks something like this: site.com site.com/dogs-for.adoption/ site.com/dogs-for.adoption/dog/The-Snoppy-Dog site.com/dogs-for.adoption/dog/Rex-The-Dog site.com/dogs-for.adoption/dog/Lucious-Malfoy-Dog...
  20. akshay_saini

    How important is keyword density in SEO?

    Hi, Please suggest, how important is keyword density in SEO?