[HELP] Need methods to bringing in customers

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    Jan 21, 2013
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    Heya! :p

    I need Methods and Ideas to bring traffic from actual people who are willing to purchase (In this case clothing)
    I have been researching different ways to bring traffic and the things that come to mind and I have been doing are...

    I have downloaded and been using InstaGet and following people that fit my niche.(Getting good interaction, very pleased, waiting to buy full version)

    I am also looking into BUYING popular Instagram accounts, driving there followers (Who would already be interested in a whole nother niche) and filtering the ones who would be interested in my clothing to purchase and follow my main account.

    I am looking to buy advertising space from websites that get 30k-300k daily unique visitors.

    Any other advice on how I can increase traffic other than Increasing my social presence and buying ad space, I have not launched the website yet, I want to get a audience in the niche before I do. Am I on the right track?!

    ~TYVM in advance ^__^