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Nov 6, 2017
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I'm Michael, a highend Digital Visualiser and I've been in the Design industry for over 13 years. I've acquired and understood alot about internet marketing in short while I discover here... I call BHW the promise land.
I will really want to shift my work-base here and make my fantastic and highend digital visualisation services useful and cheap for the community while i also make some bucks and benefit a lot from the community.

I anticipate for business opportunities, potential leveraging, joint venturing and lot of works. I will really appreciate.

The list of what I do is:

1. Animation 2. 3D visualisation 3. Mographics 4. Still graphics 5. Highend Interactive PDFs html supportive and web ready 6. Highend interactive powerpoint presentations, Lovely Gif designs, Publications/magazines, branding, full business packaging including social media accounts, very attractive digital marketing materials, photography. its our work (smile)...still willing to know lot of things and always agile to work

Thank you admin

I will share links to my portfolios to see more of my works to have a good insight of what I can offer at the market place and JV forum according to the rules.
behance_download_1505957594600.jpg behance_download_1505957489980.jpg behance_download_1505957463889.jpg 3_3.jpg behance_download_1505957489980.jpg behance_download_1505957582112.jpg behance_download_1505957727061.jpg behance_download_1505957730932.jpg


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