motion graphics

  1. Linu

    Stunning 2D Animated Explainer Video For Your Business. Educational Video, Product Launches, Ad Video, App , Website And Software Explai...

    ORDER HERE Our Official Website Ask us for sample or You can directly visit the website URL for sample. If you have any query related to the service please let us know or reach us through Skype. We are happy to help you out. Frequently...
  2. D

    Get Sales Oriented Explainer Videos & Boost Your Business - Starting at $4 Only !!

  3. Mo7al

    I Need Motion Graphic Designer (Unlimited Videos)

    I need a motion graphic designer to make a simple animated videos for kids Unlimited videos needed i'm ready to pay 13$ for 1 videos. more informations please PM me! thanks
  4. MichaelAkintola

    I quit office work suddenly. How do I convert my skills to frequent money making online.

    I have been struggling with office work for over 10 years and its not promising the future for me at all. How do I get business partners, how do I start taking jobs and making money online.... suggestions, idea and experience is required please..... thanks in advance... Below are the samples...
  5. MichaelAkintola

    Happy to be here...

    I'm Michael, a highend Digital Visualiser and I've been in the Design industry for over 13 years. I've acquired and understood alot about internet marketing in short while I discover here... I call BHW the promise land. I will really want to shift my work-base here and make my fantastic and...
  6. mzlatari

    [REQ] Good Motion Graphic Course / Tutorial

    Hi, I want to get more into motion graphics (with After Effects). I saw few courses on Lynda but none of them were straight to the point. I need a course where I could work on lets say 5 projects and follow along the videos. I would like the course to cover: Animated Infographics (most...
  7. I

    [HIRING] A motion graphics animator