1. Shubhankar Paranjape

    Lots and Lots of Free Stuff- Common Thread

    Difficult times, difficult measures. Due to this corona period and worldwide lockdowns, there's a hell lot of free stuff or much discounted stuff being shared allover the internet. People are killing their businesses by serving people in these times of need. Extreme philanthropy. For example...
  2. ger81948

    Sales Best For Amazon Affiliate Site- Magazine or Traditional Theme?

    I've bought my domain name and am preparing to begin a new Amazon affiliate site. I'm considering a magazine style theme. Which do you think would be the most successful, magazine or traditional style. I've never created a magazine site but I like the way they look and they seem more...
  3. I

    How to make money by Ebook, magazine

    Hey I want to make money by magazine. I am good creator of PowerPoint slide and magazine. Plz suggest me.
  4. sony108

    Post old articles in a blog, will take as copy?help!

    Hello! First of all, I apologize for my English, I and Google Traslator will do our best so that you understand it. I dont know if this thread should be here, sorry to the moderators if it is not. I need your help, I know there are many people with experience here. Here is the thing, I'm doing...
  5. The Gambler

    Looking for articles on know Magazines / News Websites

    Hello, Looking for someone who has connections to post full articles about a Tech Startup (SAAS APP) in very know Magazines & News websites. (This is for a client) Please send me a PM only if you're Jr.VIP (Non Jr.VIP will be reported). The PM should contain: The website TAT Price I will...
  6. S

    Need Guestpost on Forbes Magazine

    Hey, any expert here can give me a guest post from Forbes magazine? I need it urgent. Similar News Sites are also welcome!
  7. S

    I need permanent published articles in world's top magazine websites like forbes, huffpost etc

    Hi, I need someone who can get me permanently approved article published on world's top magazines like forbes, huffpost, and etc. at cheap price. Please state your price and show me some samples. Thanks
  8. cladlover

    How to start a magazine with little to no money?

    Good evening all I am interested in starting a magazine digitally and then direct mailing. Any Ideas? Would love to hear from everyone.
  9. MichaelAkintola

    Happy to be here...

    I'm Michael, a highend Digital Visualiser and I've been in the Design industry for over 13 years. I've acquired and understood alot about internet marketing in short while I discover here... I call BHW the promise land. I will really want to shift my work-base here and make my fantastic and...
  10. A

    Anyone know of any free music magazines?

    Hey all, does anyone know of any music related magazines that are being given away for free? I always love reading those, but I don't want to pay to sign up for one haha. Thanks!
  11. U

    Magazine contributor opportunity

    Hi, our magazine is looking for contributors who would love to commit to our magazine. Requirement below: - Good English - High quality article about Motivation, business, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, relationship or women issues - Submit atleast 3 articles weekly You can visit Fancy District...
  12. C

    How to build Authority sites on blogger with galleries, news and articles like a magazine

    Hi, What software could be used to build nice looking websites with picture galleries, news articles with spun content and News postings from RSS Feeds or other news services around a niche so it looks like an authority site like a magazine style in a niche and not like a unreadable autoblogging...
  13. M

    Drop your free Article about Internet Marketing

    Hi peeps, Drop for free some global internet marketing article in my magazine! For more information, please contact me PM or: [email protected]
  14. MandLoys

    Premium Quailty PR4 Magazine Backlinks 600+Word Unique Content Starting at $29 WOW

    ---- THREAD CLOSED 10/13/2014 ----
  15. M

    Write FREE Articles on Zeen / Internet Marketing Magazine; Who Wants?

    Dear everybody! I give my Magazine exposed for everybody! Do you want an interesting article publishing online zeen "com" It is completely "FREE" on the Magazine zeen"Com" / Internet Marketing It is an open community for anyone who knows about Internet Marketing! You may drop your own...
  16. D

    electronic music and ibiza related leads

    Hi! I'm looking for electronic music and ibiza related leads, for example websites like mixmag, djmag, residentadvisor, ibiza spotlight, white ibiza, partysan, tilllate, beatfactor. If someone have anything to offer in this niche just post here what you have and your offer. Thank you!
  17. O

    Copying articles out of magazines.

    I'm pretty new to making money online so wanted to start with one of the easy to set up ideas, namely setting up a blog at blogger with adsense and affiliate links. I'm not really that good at writing and on top of that I do not have too much time to invest into article writing. Yes, you could...
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