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Growing Instgram Organically

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by sia, Mar 27, 2017.


Massplanner or Followliker ?

  1. Massplanner

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  2. Followliker

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  1. sia

    sia Newbie

    Aug 12, 2016
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    Hello all,
    I have 5 instagram accounts that I created thinking nothing much and now willing to grow them.Some of them get pretty good engagements while posted on right time and right hashtags (I guess,instagram has become so unpredictable now a days).I think I got around nearly 800 likes on 2 recent posts of one account with less than 300 followers.That kind of encouraged me and as I'm seeing plenty of big accounts making money out of insta,I'd like to try a bit (just to make tuition fee load less heavy).

    Now what are some good ways to grow instagram accounts naturally ? I know about massplanner and followliker.I kind of leaned toward massplanner but it's cost+vps+proxies look a bit costly to me.I'll try to get them when I'll have some money saved.

    Other than that what are some REAL & PRACTICAL ways to gain followers and likes ? Any link would be helpful.

    Do shoutouts work ? I can't buy them directly cause I dont have paypal.Also has anyone taken Foundr's instagram domination course ? do they work ? Please someone answer these.Much thanks!
  2. Netogami

    Netogami Junior Member

    Mar 17, 2017
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    You could follow & like people related to your niche.
    You could follow influencer's followers related to your niche.
    There are many ways, experiment a bit.

    Shoutouts work but you should have 30k followers already.
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