1. R

    Jarvee Expert needed

    Hello, I am looking for a professional user in automated marketing software like "Jarvee" and "Socinator" to guide and consult me about the benefits and limitations for different social media channels like Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and usage of different types of proxies...
  2. ayumipie

    Youtube not adding to MP, Jarvee Or Socianator. Losing my mind.

    I get error code 45 - 'no next button 'found for password' stuck in initializing or straight to fail Embedded browsers are not supported. All my emails are gmails. Tried restarting a bunch of times. Everything else functions as it should, other accounts etc. What is happening? I am pulling...
  3. D

    Instagram account creation and comment automation

    I am in need of account creation and have them set up with comment automation. I am looking to have accounts comment going through hashtags, competitors and geo-tags. If you are able to assist. Apply with what you offer and pricing.
  4. A

    trouble about pva, post and temporrary blocked

    hay guys i got trouble about my instagram accs in Mass Planner i have more than 200 instagram accs, 20 days old. trouble is 1. Always ask pva everyday all accs, 1 account 5-9times per day, and i got bann all accs after 1 month now i have 20 instagram accs, trouble is 1. always ask sms pva...
  5. M

    Seeking Engineer to set up and maintain a proxy network for either mobile or residential proxys, Whi

    Seeking Engineer to set up and maintain a proxy network for either mobile or residential proxys, Whichever is cheapest or easiest to set up. I Will need this network to provide me with 200 new proxies every week and will need to be maintained. We will provide all the necessary expenses, and...
  6. kommaihag

    What to do before Instagram automation?

    I want to start using a instagram bot, not sure which one, but i wonder how to do it the best way. how old should my account(s) be before starting the automation? should i setup my accounts on the computer (using a proxy) or is it better to have a separate phone where I create and warm up my...
  7. J

    MassPlanner - Pinterest Login is not working

    Hey, what's up everybody. I run on MassPlanner When I try to log into Pinterest it keeps saying "Initializing - Waiting for verification". When I open the embedded browser I can see, that it's logged in already. I tried to use the "manual log in" and I face the same problem. Any...
  8. Al7nd

    What to do with 80 IG accounts + Massplanner + 50 different proxies ?

    I have bought 80 Instagram accounts (2-5 years old) and have already 50 different proxies to use with Massplanner. Which would be the best way to make money? And how to avoid getting account banned from ig ?
  9. A

    Benchmarking IM Bot Results

    Hello fellow BWHmembers, I've recently joined after glancing for a while at the forum and wanted to benchmark my custom IM botting with everyone to benchmark if I'm on the right track. Sorry for the long post but since we're benchmarking, I feel it's important to share the whats, how and why...
  10. henryhuy

    Help me fix some Error on MP/Jarvee

    Hello , Need you help to fix some error on MP: - Autorepost/Auto follow - No more result found for source specificpost. Try to change the filters and/or the source. - Auto repost : Dailly Limited Reach. I've added more Source per each Account but sometime got above issue. Looking forward for...
  11. Heiko

    The perfect way to start off the day

    140 need phone verification - 10 are valid. That's a fantastic way to start off the day :P
  12. johnhustle007

    Before I buy Jarvee or Mass Planner... Which is best & more reliable for IG

    Won’t be using FL no more.. I want to start using Jarvee or Mass Planner... but which one is more affective & more reliable for IG??
  13. sam.hunt0710

    Socinator - All in one Social Media Automation Software - Beta Testers Needed

    Hey Everyone, I am glad to finally announce the official Beta release of Socinator - A brand new ALL-IN-ONE Social Media Automation and Management Software. This tool is built based on our past experience and co-operation of some successful Social Media Influencers and Money Makers. And we...
  14. ninjalead111101

    instagram tool and social media tool

    Hi bros, i am using gram multitool 2 (GMT 2) purchased, massplanner (vip user cracked), gramblr for IG account. But someone said that MP is dead @@ and IG account might get banned. Does it work on another social media (pinterest...) I think GMT 2 and gramblr is enough for start with IG but...
  15. M

    Instagram announces that botting is dead

    Instagram sent out an update this week explaining their services. This was in there: "We receive different kinds of information from your device, like how you tap and scroll, which can help distinguish humans from bots and detect fraud." Instagram tracks how you scroll. Bots do not scroll...
  16. regensteiner

    [Hiring] Virtual assistant for Massplanner Social Media Management

    I am looking for a social media manager experienced in Massplanner to help manage up to several hundred accounts on Twitter. The work will involve importing Twitter profiles into Massplanner, setting new profile pictures, setting up settings, configuring auto follow / unfollow, and more. The...
  17. J

    Instagram Limits 2018 for bots.

    Hi guys. I use Massplanner. Actually I started out again after 2 years or so. I am not sure what the current limits are when it comes to follow and unfollow limts, same as like limits.? What are your bot settings not only for the limits also for sleeptimes, waittimes between each operation and...
  18. ybadr

    Follow Blocks

    Hi, Recently many users here and on other forums are reporting having a lot of follow blocks when botting on Instagram. Changing settings and proxies do not seem to resolve the issue. This thread is for everyone who can give tips or solutions for this general issue. For me, letting the...
  19. Jughead

    What is everyone SAFELY using now-a-days for delay timers and such?

    Sorry about the slightly misleading title, but I wanted to grab as much attention as I could. I haven't been around much in the past few years, but I'm getting back into the Seo life. Basically the question is this: What is everyone SAFELY using now-a-days for delay timers and such? I am...
  20. nhubinhtnut

    Massplanner Mistake!

    Pls help me this problem. Lastime I use Massplanner normal but today this App warning Account not Valid, tools will not execute actions. I don't know main reason! pls help me! Thank you!
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