Getting Started With Micro Niche Sites

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by mikeyjordan24, Jun 28, 2012.

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    I've recently joined this forum and have been looking around the site and trying to see where I feel I would do best. It seems like micro niche sites offer a somewhat consistent and passive income and can help me understand the basics of SEO for future projects. From what I understand, it's just a site with a pages consisting of articles based on a certain niche and certain keywords that have a high CPC, low competition and high searches. Once the site is created using a high CTR template of some sort, you would begin an intensive offsite SEO program in order to lower the page rank of the site and get on to the first pages of the search results of a keyword. Am I understanding this correctly? If so, do micro niche sites actually provide a reasonable income, meaning like $2-$4 a day per site? What keyword tools do you use? I have already used the AdWords keyword research tool and it seems pretty straight forward. Do you use wordpress, or do you build the sites using PHP, HTML or something else? Finally, how do you promote your site as far as offsite SEO?
    Any and all answers are appreciated! Thanks in advance!:cool:

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    Wordpress, definitely. There are tons of keyword tools out there, search the forum and you'll find a million threads on keyword analysis. Same with promotion, offsite SEO, like link building is just the start. There is also media buying, PPC campaigns, video marketing, social bookmarking, etc. There is endless traffic out there, and yes you can make very good money from niche sites if you have enough of them and are good at finding quality traffic. It's all about persistence, hard work, and knowing your target audience.
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    second vote for wordpress here, best of luck!