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Mar 5, 2015
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Hello fellow Blackhatters! Today I am gonna show you simple trick how to improve your productivity in forum engagement. Remember, if you want to be successful at generating traffic from forums, you suppose to provide value to every other person behind from other side of PC. SO DO NOT BE SPAMMY, BE INFORMATIVE AND INTERESTING!

This method I started using very recently, as I am in network marketing, works very well nevertheless it is bit old school. Some people may know this as they are doing online marketing for years but for some it could be completely new so don't try to blame me because I only want to contribute to this forum . So the main thing I want you to show is how to use RSS feed in order to have all your different forums hanging in one place! Start working very productive, start engaging different forums at the same time.

What is RSS feed?
RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. In other words, it is mainly used for the user to check every update to the site. Many news-related sites, blogs, forums like this one and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it. This means that you could use special software called reader to check everything at one place. If this explanation is not good enough for you, you could see this useful more information (it's Old, but Gold).

Why should I use it?
As I said, RSS feeds could provide you useful info about recent forum changes. In this case, you will use reader app for new forum posts what you could engage. It is not a secret that forums is a good way to develop high-value backlinks to your site as long as you use it with your signature. If you are not a spammer and have some interesting things to share to a forum community, you will get lots of valuable traffic. So go on and update your profile if you do not have one yet! And remember, you should target only Niche Related forums for your own good.

How it works?
As soon as you subscribe to specific forum feed, you will get a new notification in your reader when there is a new post placed. You could use any reader, but in this guide I will show you how to use Feedly and how to follow only BHW forum posts. I don't want to mention other forums because they could be BHW's competitors and I really like this one.

The guide, finnaly
In this forum you should go to BHW main threads and select your favorite one, in this case, I would select Social Networking. Select RSS icon near specific form topic.

Screenshot (63).png

Click right mouse button and select "Open link in new tab".

Screenshot (64).png

You should open new website where is XML code inside it. Ignore that and just copy URL from that site.

Screenshot (65).png

Now you should use any reader to import selected URL. I will use Feedly and not go into many details how to register or so. So just select add new feed button on the top and paste your URL.

Screenshot (66).png

Place the selected URL of current forum feed and press +feedly as soon as you go there.

Screenshot (67).png

Screenshot (68).png

Select a specific group (or create one) and finally add your feed to current list.

Screenshot (70).png

The new posts starts showing up as you connect particular feed to Feedly. This is very useful for time management so you will not be very disappointed as waste so much time already in the forums.

You could also use this for you favorite blogs or news articles AND CAN EVEN REPOST ARTICLES AT SOCIAL MEDIA FROM OTHER BLOGS. This great way to automate your posting and grow your audience with software like IFTTT.

So, all in all, I think this guide could be a new thing for some people that is started internet marketing and are interested in driving forum traffic. Feel free to post your opinion in the comments bellow, so I could continue my distribution to this BHW community. Thanks for reading!
Thanks for this, not sure why it didn't get more feedback because this was actually useful
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