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  1. BiggusD1ckus

    Affiliate programs with RSS product feeds

    Which Affiliate programs with RSS product feeds would you recommend?
  2. Evgenio999

    Problem with RSS!

    Hi all! Help me figure it out, I’ve already spent 2 days(((problem in setting up the site’s RSS feed on WordPress. How can I make the article appear along with HTML tags in the RSS feed? My article turns out to be solid text without tags and I don’t know how to fix it. Now the article text is...
  3. G

    WTB: News Aggregate site RSS Feed | Need Developer

    Price, TAT time etc. Need full site developed.
  4. rrd84

    [need help] How to find the RSS feed source of the Competitor's ?

    Is there a way to find the competitor's RSS feed source? I am sure that in the niche, that I am working in, my competitor's are using, auto-blogging (wp automatic) with rss, but I want to know, what rss source's they are using? Any HELP? Please!
  5. N

    How to make cricket website using WordPress with (wp automatic) plugin

    Hi , actually I want to make an cricket event website, I want I fetch post and live streaming from , please guide how can I make the website, and how fetch specific content from the site
  6. D

    Best methods to find feeds/content for autoblogs (e.g. WP Automatic)? Most important do’s and don’ts/best practices for autoblogging?

    I'm looking for beginner autoblogging advice. In my case I will be using WP Automatic. What are the most important do's and don'ts, when it comes to autoblogging? Also, what are the best methods to find feeds/content sources for autoblogs? Any tips from those who have experience with or had...
  7. amanwaa

    Need Help! How to create Image Search Results Rss Feed

    It's possible to create a google image search result RSS feed, if anybody knows about this please help.
  8. mnhweb

    Use Scrapebox to find RSS Feeds. Is this possible?

    I'm trying to find a few 1000s RSS feeds relevant to my niche. I thought perhaps Scrapebox might be able to do this. Does anyone know if it's possible to in Scrapebox and how to do it?
  9. GringoMonkey

    Looking for programmer to integrate RSS (with images) into my website

    I am looking for a programmer who can create me some code that I can add to my site to automatically pull in RSS feeds of my choice, with images. Something like a cross between and but also pulls images. It would just be for my personal use, so, I do...
  10. Roger Marquez

    What RSS Feeder Do You Use?

    Been trying to organize myself by keeping tags on my favorite bloggers and resources on the internet so, I want to start using an RSS service for this. I am NOT looking for a premium/paid one, I know there has to be a decent RSS service out there where I can hook up my favorite resources and...
  11. Rufai

    Connecting IFTTT RSS FEED

    Hello, i tried to create IFTTT RSS trigger, but it is showing me "not a valid feed url, missing feed title" Format used: I verified and saw that the feed url is valid. What could be the cause. Thanks
  12. K

    Help with RSS Feed

    Hey guys i am using the Autopilot Facebook Page Manager and i need help to fix rss feed so any one he get the solution Plz Send it to me
  13. speedie

    Any Free Instagram Tool that Can Autopost Blog Post/Image to Instagram?

    I frequently use IFTTT for processes like this. But I haven't found the feature that allows you to automatically send the image with url and description of a blog post to Instagram. Do you have any experience? What do you use as a blogger?
  14. zippyants

    Asking for RSS Feed Advice Please!

    Hi all :) So I have searched the forums and G but really just want some simple(?) help if anyone can please! I have a link that is broken that should point to an RSS feed on my site but there is no mention of the feed on the website or in wordpress tools. The error is something like...
  15. K

    Setting for repost from specific IG User

    Hi everyone, I bough followliker but i try to search many time but no guidelines about repost in Followliker. Please help me how to config it. Thanks
  16. webseoadviser

    Need working RSS Feed Sites

    Hey Bhw members, I need some working RSS feed websites name. If anyone has then, please please help me out. Regards
  17. autodream

    where to find rss feed for watching movies and series?

    i have been looking for rss feed for watching movies and i cannot find them where to find rss feed for watching movies and series?
  18. qwertymarketer

    Auto Post RSS Feed To Social Media??

    Guys, do you know any paid/free rss feed app/poster that can auto post to our social media account? I want to auto post my main website contents feed to tumblr/blogger/twitter/facebook page. IFTTT is good, but kinda slow to me. Any other recommendation? :D Thanks!
  19. Wrennstigator

    Looking for a specific program to make life and PBNs way easier.

    I checked around here and I couldn't find it, but maybe someone here knows where something like this is and may have a suggestion. I currently use Easy Blog Networks for my 40 + domains to use as backlinks, I have tons of sites i need to link to and instead of me just spamming backlinks on the...
  20. 2youngmoney

    Getting Forum Traffic While Using RSS

    Hello fellow Blackhatters! Today I am gonna show you simple trick how to improve your productivity in forum engagement. Remember, if you want to be successful at generating traffic from forums, you suppose to provide value to every other person behind from other side of PC. SO DO NOT BE SPAMMY...
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