1. CrazeWiz

    How to automate reposting of content from another WordPress site to my own?

    I want to repost content/posts from another website (which is using Wordpress) to my own site (also using Wordpress). The site I want to repost content from has around 5000 posts, each which contain 5-30 photos, so doing it manually is not viable. If I had admin access to the original...
  2. tregoal

    Wordpress plugin to import feed, and get images!

    I'm looking for a wordpress plugin to import the rss feed from different source, and then import the images even if they do not show on the feed? Any one think can be done? PM
  3. D

    Best WordPress Autoblogging plugin that offers an unlimited site license?

    I've found a lot of WordPress autoblogging plugins, but here's the ones among them that I've found so far that allow unlimited sites. WP Automatic is $199 one time payment for unlimited sites and lifetime updates. Feedzy is $399 annually. WordPress RSS Feed Retriever PRO is $89 annually. WP RSS...
  4. amanwaa

    Need Help! How to create Image Search Results Rss Feed

    It's possible to create a google image search result RSS feed, if anybody knows about this please help.
  5. sci0n

    Looking for crypto-friendly email provider that lets me send emails via RSS?

    Just got banned from Mailchimp on an account that I've had since 2016 and never used it to spam. The site's nothing dodgy either. Same type of thing to the URL I have in profile. Mailchimp said they have a bot triggered by "certain words" and once you use them even if ur not spamming, it is too...
  6. GringoMonkey

    Looking for programmer to integrate RSS (with images) into my website

    I am looking for a programmer who can create me some code that I can add to my site to automatically pull in RSS feeds of my choice, with images. Something like a cross between and but also pulls images. It would just be for my personal use, so, I do...
  7. jorun

    RSS Feed & Duplicate content

    I want to implement an RSS news feed into my website, currently we do have unique content, but we want to have an extra "news" section. Would this be considered as duplicate content, or can it hurt my rankings in another way?
  8. aana3027

    inserting the attachment url to the wordpress rss feed

    I have a wp blog with 100 posts. each post there are 10 images / url attachments. How do I display the 10 images / url attachments in the WordPress rss feed?
  9. Ed Roy

    How To Change The Sitemap URL sitemap.xml to customname.xml ?

    Looking forward to your advice.
  10. Dmyles

    Canonical link from SEO view?

    Hi there, what happens in Google when we add source link or canonical URL to our post? Will that post still worth to rank? Or Google will ignore apart from indexing it?
  11. Roger Marquez

    What RSS Feeder Do You Use?

    Been trying to organize myself by keeping tags on my favorite bloggers and resources on the internet so, I want to start using an RSS service for this. I am NOT looking for a premium/paid one, I know there has to be a decent RSS service out there where I can hook up my favorite resources and...
  12. Milagro

    Seo Effect Of Disabling Feed/Rss?

    Happy Sunday guys!!! please i want to know if there is any seo effect if i disable feed?
  13. TooCorny

    Would you recommend having a syndication network for an affiliate review site??

    So the question is pretty straight forward, Do you think it is worth the time to create / get a syndication network for an Amazon Afilliate site? Is it even allowed by amazon? Leave your thoughts below please
  14. speedie

    Any RSS Feed Creator that Doesn't Require Sign up?

    Hey guys, I need a RSS Feed reader/creator to convert a web url to RSS Feed automatically. I just need anyone without having to sign up. Please recommend based on your experience only.
  15. sanuras

    Best RSS reader app is...?

    Hello guys, so as you already know, I'm looking for recommendations for the best RSS reader application. I'm currently on iOS, but might switch to Android soon, so the operating system compatibility is not a concern. Let's say I have a news website and want to be the first one to know about...
  16. TheGypsy

    Backlink type question

    Hi, I've been doing some backlink research and came through a main site that has backlinks from various other sites feed with anchor. The backlinks looks like this: I've checked for the feeds and there is no main site url there...
  17. Sushant Pawar

    Rss, Facebook and Ifttt

    If I am posting on Facebook through RSS feed and Ifttt then which is IP ifttt using? Or which IP is Facebook noticing?
  18. A

    Use of RSS feed on tumblr to automate your posts.

    Hey, BHW. So is there anyway to use RSS fees to kinda automate my posts?
  19. w1ll

    RSS vs Atom

    Hello there. I just had a good read on that topic. Basically: RSS is old and limited, but Atom is more recent and has more capabilities. My question is: should I add both to my website? Im pretty confused here, will some of my users wont be able to follow the Atom feed, because, I dont know...
  20. crissdinesh

    RSS submission to Apple News - Any Benefits?

    My site's RSS got approved by Apple news. I can see the stats on page views from Apple news readers. Is there any SEO benefit I can get from this? Thanks.
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