1. Norman_drey

    Forum vs blog, which rank better

    'm thinking forum might rank faster and higher than a blog, what do y'all think??
  2. malexxx

    How to source images from forums into WP elementor?

    Hello! Is there a way to properly source image sets from forums into my WP Elementor text field? Images come in HTML, so I wouldnt be bothered with hosting an image. But I want to do it in large quantities, cant processs single image. When ever I paste HTML image gallery code from forum into my...
  3. TaylerColley

    how to find forums & communities USA based?

    how to find forums & communities USA based? specific nitch is not important, but games & general discussion will be great.
  4. S

    Willing to learn!

    Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself a bit, i'm a young man very wiling to learn how blackhat works, the different techniques and stuff, even tho i have some bases it's quite huge to handle, so much knowledge! So i was wondering if anyone had some infos about where and how to learn, the...
  5. D

    Crypto application / Crypto reports / Crypto Marketing wanted

    Hello all, We are looking for people who know crypto marketing and can promote our crypto projects. This includes articles, forum contributions, blog posts, active applications, etc. Anyone who can help here or knows someone can get in touch at any time. We would also pay a commission for a...
  6. Norman_drey

    Blog vs forum what's the Best for ranking

    Between a forum site and a blog which one is much easy to rank a content
  7. cosmo89

    Looking for Expert Developer to help me with Social Network for Anime Tv shows

    As the title says, I am looking for well experienced and multi-fluent development language person, who can help me with developing this Anime fan's social network. We have the mockup design, so you will know what we required, looking for a good and long-term person because we have regular...
  8. TheMightiestFurher

    How to make a forum like BHW?

    I don't know much about making forum, can someone guide me? BHW uses xenforo, Pixeledit Right. So which will be the best for a budget friendly full of features forum? Also what do you use( if any)?
  9. TomTheCat

    Google fucked this up?

    What's with the new threads regarding casinos lately? In the past, some newbies thought that this is a hacking forum, now Google thinks this is a casino forum.
  10. S

    Hello, I'm Newbie

    So Here's My Shortest Intro, I Don't Know Much About forums, Hope You Guys'll Give Support Like A Brother, And Yeah I'm Also A WordPress User
  11. brettania9087

    Chicken and Egg Problem- BHW and other forum owners

    Hey forum owners and BHW owner, You don't know me. I'm just a fan of yours. I'd like to know how you solved the "chicken and egg" problem and succeed with your forum. Networks like BHW are only valuable when there's a community on it. Therefore nobody wants to join, unless there are already a...
  12. M

    What does it mean when a forum says it has multithreading support .

    I know this is pretty random and I know this is not multithreading in programming. What does it mean when the forum says it has multithreading support ? something like this (please see picture). Can you please give some example where forums have multithreading and where forums don't have ?
  13. R4v3nbl4ck

    A simple method to get backlinks from forums or Reddit

    Not sure if common sense, but I came up with this method and I thought I'd share it. I'm sure most of you have old accounts on forums that you don't visit much anymore. Posting links and advertising is usually not allowed on forums, but what you can do is edit your old posts. Let say you have an...
  14. cosmo89

    What would you build on this one?

    Just got a new domain, what would you build on this domain? Its short and simple, dont want to start a another job board.I thought to work on a career advice forum for freelancers. / remote workers. Thanks and appreciate your comments.
  15. P

    Best theme for differents sites all hosting a BBPress

    Hi, I own several sites : - one is BBPress + blog about holidays - travel / Google map / ACF - one is BBPress + blog about business tutorials / Lessons - one is BBPress + classified ads (sexual) I am looking for a good theme that I could use on these 3 sites. When I say "good" I mean - fast...
  16. A

    Social media sites VS forums

    Which one is easy to rank forums or social media posts? Whats is the main difference in social sites and forums except specific niche….. im talking about in terms of seo … google ranking
  17. I am Ak

    Learn Seo.

    How to learn SEO? This is realism There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand eyes Someone learns by reading Any learner through the forum Some people practice and learn over and over again But at least learning SEO will be a hassle.
  18. ImJazabela

    Mixed ******** forum backlink 600+

  19. sarvna.s

    Which plugin is recommended for a forum website

    Can someone advise me on the best forum plugin for the website in WordPress? Also, if possible please share your experience with the forum plugin which you used.
  20. Chipits

    Hi! Tell me, please, what kind of forum/site, where the administrator with the nickname Neosder422. I would be grateful for the information.

    Hi! Tell me, please, what kind of forum/site, where the administrator with the nickname Neosder422. I would be grateful for the information.