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Flippa SCAM - How to complete Escrow Dispute

Discussion in 'Site Flipping' started by gbugmenot, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. gbugmenot

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    Jan 2, 2012
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    Few days back i sold my gaming blog on flippa for $4500, and buyer looked nice at the time of bidding, after the auction is over i started the escrow and complete the transfer process. The inspection time was set to 5 days and domain transfer was done via PUSH, so everything went good. After transferring the website to him his webhosting mysql servers went down and website was all down too. I told this thing to buyer but he doesn't cared about after 2 days of downtime, the website came back online but the buyer behavior was strange now he was checking alexa to see what my traffic's stats are. The buyer told me that my traffic has decline, so you know guys if a website is down there will be no visitors tracked but he was continuing to say it, i took a screenshot from inside my alexa certified matrices before the website was down and given proof that there was traffic before the website went down, also given him analytics report of showing the same level of traffic, but he rejected the website.

    After rejecting the website he went to its cpanel and generated a full CPANEL backup, downloaded it and secured it. So from there his intention was to copy the website, but i ignored this thing too i thought his a really genuine person and he was mentioning that he did only secure the website, but with the escrow terms i was completely secured so he tried another trick.

    I was having the CPANEL details of his hosting as the website was not being transferred to me back, what he did he went to cpanel deleted everything from cpanel, backups everything changed the pass too so i can't login now. I again get frustrated and contacted him to let get this fixed up immediately, but he snatched back on me and said i am the one who is doing all this. Great i wasn't even aware of this and he blamed me!

    I have a 4.5K website and i have other buyers why would i going to do this? Anyways, he was blaming me all-time, There was another 2 days+ downtime for my website and after that he mentioned he with the help of host has restored the website, great can you believe a Complete CPANEL backup has been restored, he mentioned the backup was deleted so he was able to restore????? Webhosts doesn't do cpanel backups automatically and if they do they want charges for it. Once the files are deleted including the backups they are gone forever.

    Anyways i found his a scam, so i started escrow dispute and 14-day negotiation period is over, there are very major loses for me, downtime's, clonning website, again downtime

    I am covered with escrow protection of digital items being copied also for the downtime's but i don't how escrow dispute works, i am in arbitration commencement period

    Please anyone guide me on to this, Escrow mentioned that i need to go to 3 arbitrators and they are asking fees. If i have to pay fees then what is the meaning of all this dispute