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Fight For Your Right... to Rank.

Discussion in 'UnGagged London' started by UnGagged.com, Mar 8, 2018.

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    UnGagged London is still weeks away, but our session topics are really starting to take shape. 2018 is turning into a big year for internet marketing developments, but luckily our speakers are keen to share (and brag about) their latest strategies for climbing over the competition.

    Join us in London this June and get real, actionable methods. We aren’t promoting gurus that promise luxury lifestyles and Lamborghinis in a $20 ebook. We are providing you with unfiltered and unrecorded strategies that won’t show up on the internet the day after.

    While our Early Bird Special is ending in 24 hours, there’s still a chance to quickly jump in and grab a ticket before they sell out!

    Get your Early Bird Tickets -
    use discount code BHW and save an extra 15%!

    Why get UnGagged?

    These days it seems white-hat SEO blogs are still concerned with posting think pieces (or shall we say click-bait) asking “is Black Hat SEO dead?”. For those of us who are actually out there in the trenches, we care less about morality debates and more about strategies that'll get us out of No Man's Land - and provide higher rankings on the SERPs.

    UnGagged isn't like other internet marketing conferences; no fluffy 'content is king' sessions and social media shout outs, this is a perfect chance for keen learners to join in a small group that focuses on the newest developments in SEO. Controversial views are welcome.

    Jono Alderson
    Black Hat Analytics – When Your Data is Working Against You

    Going further with the wartime trenches analogy, search engine algorithms aren’t the only enemy you face. Your competitors are out there too, and some of them have no qualms about using some underhanded tactics to try and come out on top.

    And although we think that ethics discussions are a waste of our time, we have no tolerance for people trying to confuse or damage another’s data for the sake of negative SEO. Attacking others’ sites is never necessary, people. If anyone is bad at SEO, that’s not their succeeding rivals' fault, that’s on them.

    In the case that you have made an opportunistic enemy, your analytics data can be targeted and sabotaged without you being aware of it. What makes this even more serious is the fact that there aren’t many ways to defend yourself in response.

    Having over a decade of digital marketing experience, Jono Alderson's session at UnGagged explores the ways you can spot when you’re under attack - and how you can defend yourself against it.

    The chances are that you can already spot some of the signs that you are being attacked, but you choose to convince yourself that it’s just a glitch. Don’t ignore that gut feeling – those analytics irregularities could be the result of an aggressive competitor.

    Fili Wiese
    Accelerate: Page Speed Optimization Tips

    We’re all aware – fast loading times is good for the user experience. Users will give up on a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load, and then most of them won’t come back to the site again, and then they’ll tell all their friends, blah blah. We’ve read the articles before.

    These facts are all focusing on optimal user experience, and while this is a big focus for white hats or in-house SEOs working for big brand companies, most of us would prefer to look at the practical side of SEO that ranks them higher in the SERPs. Improving user experience is nice, but the only real practical benefit of it is getting traffic to stick.

    But since Google announced that page speed was a ranking factor for their algorithms, optimizing loading times has stopped being something that we can brush off easily. If your first byte is taking too long to load, then your site isn’t being crawled by search engines much within their allocated crawl budget, which doesn’t look great for your indexing and can mean a lot less visibility on the SERPs.

    Looking into page speed optimization will get you a lot of results for people suggesting AMP/PWAs implementation and HTML optimization, but Fili Wiese knows how to go even further by improving server response times, optimizing code and more.

    Fili’s session at UnGagged is offering the kind of technical knowledge that could only come from the experience of being an ex-Google engineer.

    Bastian Grimm

    Masterclass: Technical SEO

    As machine learning becomes more advanced and the algorithms that decide the rankings get smarter, the most effective SEO strategies continually change and become harder to stay on top of. That’s why keeping up with the advancements on the technical side is necessary to stay ahead of the game.

    A lot is going to change in 2018, and the attitudes of searchers will soon look very different thanks to Google’s algorithm updates and the new technologies that will have a significant impact on the way people search on the internet. While Kristine Schachinger looks at how we can rank in a mobile-first world and Hannah Thorpe discusses how SEO will work without any traffic, Bastian Grimm is delivering an overview of the biggest challenges we will face on the technical side.

    In addition to his session, Bastian is holding a masterclass on technical SEO at the most advanced level. This is ideal for anyone looking to get hands-on experience in learning technical digital marketing methods that will have noticeable effects on your placement in the SERPs.

    This is a good opportunity to learn about managing the technology involved in digital marketing: site security and HTTP response codes, the best tactics for crawlers and indexing, ideal strategies for internal linking and performance improvement, and additionally, any new updates that could affect your site optimization.


    There’s still a window of opportunity for those that want to come to UnGagged London 2018 at a serious discount.

    Get your Early Bird Tickets, use discount code BHW and save an extra 15%!

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