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  1. Guybrushthepirate

    Technical SEO question: redirect one domain to another (no matching within URLs)

    Hi, I am in the process of redirecting one domain to another, but I have some doubts, that maybe some of you can help solve. A bit little of context: the domain that is going to be redirected is a old one (11 years old) and even if the niche are similar, it is not possible to match URLs from...
  2. T

    TechSEO “Mini” Boost 2021 Session Recordings

    If you missed the event you can now watch the recordings below! These videos are mainly related to technical seo
  3. crystalwiz

    Boost Website Speed ⚡ WordPress ⚡Custom CMS ➤➤➤ 90%+ Rating [Google Page Speed Insight & GTmetrix]

    Boost your website speed to 90%+ ratings [Google Page Speed Insight & GTmetrix]. Speed up both desktop and mobile versions of your website, with advanced technical SEO. What we do (all-in-one): Reduce image size without losing the quality. Scale the Images according to the display size. Delay...
  4. D

    Indexing problem with csr/ssr site

    Hello We have a website that is based on JavaScript React (CSR) and we have encountered SEO problems. After that, we converted the pages to SSR, but we still did not receive good feedback. When we consulted someone, he said that there is still a problem with indexing pages and it is better to...
  5. T

    The On-Page SEO Guide For Technical Processes

    Everything no one is talking about right now for Technical SEO processes. Source:
  6. T

    Can you learn SEO in an hour? Surprisingly, yes!

    Thought I would share this as a lot of the noobs keep on asking for basics of SEO and this should help them get going and get the hang of things Rand Fishkin have put together a six-part series of roughly ten-minute-long videos designed to deliver core SEO concepts. Each video covers an...
  7. Misan

    Server error 5xx f**ked my Ranking

    Hi Mates, from a week I was seeing a huge drop in ranking, impression, and clicks. I was thinking its due to the new Goggle update. but today morning while I try to submit a post for the crawl. I saw this error. literally every URL including the home page. after that, I checked the...
  8. A

    Technical SEO question for eCommerce sites

    I have a client with a large eCommerce site, and Google appears to be indexing some duplicate pages as a result of dynamic URL parameters, i.e. How would you guys combat this? I was thinking to just disallow crawling of */add-to-wishlist* in the robots.txt...
  9. Misan

    WP-Rocket sucks site speed.

    Hi mates, I've been using wp-rocket from 2month but yesterday I updated the plugin then my site speed drastically went down. (it used to load within 3s but now it's taking more than 10s) GTmatrix showing a shot of the issue(Minimize redirects) I hope you guys can help me to fix it out.. Thanks...
  10. Misan

    Server Error (5xx)SEO killer(GSC error)

    am facing this error in google search console does it affects SEO? if yea, what could be the solution(how to fix), basically my pagination URLs showing under this error.( please do suggest. I'd be highly glad for your help.
  11. Misan

    This small error can kill your SEO....

    am getting a web error. somebody help me to fix it.
  12. T

    SEO priorities for 2020 and beyond

    The world of SEO constantly moves and changes at a breakneck speed. New tech, new methodologies, constant algorithm updates from Google, new user behaviours and search methods. The list goes on… So, what should you do in 2020 (and beyond) to keep up with the leaders in this ever-changing...
  13. T

    In case you want to learn the basics SEO

    you don't need to pay for expensive courses as there is enough free and super affordable info. in the world to get you started. The fundamentals are the same, content and links. Once you have the basics, FB groups can provide lots of useful insights from experienced SEOs. SEO knowledge alone...
  14. N

    Google Flux, Or Penalty?

    I have been facing something unusual lately; Google removed my website from the SERP for some keywords. I have been working on this project since April 2019. Those keywords were between position #1 and #4. Everything I have done is pure white-hat; Guest posting and link insertion using...
  15. N

    URL is on Google, but has issues

    Hello, I've implemented a How-to schema on my home page 2 weeks ago. All schema fields provided by Yoast plugin were filled, but the google inspecting tool says it has errors. Should I keep it or remove it? Do these kinds of errors affect ranking? THANKS.
  16. skaru

    SEO Tutorial For Beginners in 2020 (by Hobo-Web) It's a long ass read (50k+ words) and I haven't even read it through yet, but I think it's worth sharing (and reading, duh).
  17. Sayesh

    Sitemap error

    When I started my blog I had installed yoast seo plugin but then I also installed Google xml sitemaps plugin. Now whenever I do it shows only 9 posts out of 36 I published. My question is should I delete Google xml sitemap plugin and go back to using yoast or anything...
  18. noxiop

    E-Commerce SEO: A few dubious questions..

    Hi forum, I am starting to build out an ecommerce store in the cannabis accessories niche (bongs, glass pipes, etc) and I have not built a eCommerce store yet so I am looking for advice.. I hope you can help. For one, how important is quantity of products? And on that, how important is unique...
  19. LinksForPros

    Allright, let's get to work | Structured data: FAQ and How-to
  20. ashish2112

    How many Plugins Should I use?

    Hi guys, I'm starting my first Wordpress blog and already have 20 plugins for technical seo and my theme and I think there will be 4-5 more to come for AMP and other stuffs. How many plugins should I use? Is 25 plugins more? What would be the consequences of removing some of them?