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Jul 20, 2019
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Hello i have a list of emails and i want to send emails to those list through mail chimp or any other good website if can you suggest i need some guide please from where to start
Hello! I think MailChimp should be a good option. Another option that is used by a lot of successful youtubers who send newsletters is convertkit. One of the main things you wanna check with such mass email-sending tools is that they have a good sender reputation. If they do not then most of your emails will just end in the spam folder of the recipient
Mail chimp is a good Choice , you can also try Aweber, GetResponse and Converkit .....Also check for the Features, pricing and

Reviews to fit your needs...
I just eed import my list create email template and thats it or some thing else i need ?
mailchimp tested good results on hotmail,yahoo it depends on sender domain.Not good for Gmail
If the list is not opt-in, I don't recommend using Mailchimp, sendgrid and other services. They have strict rules about this and they can close your account so early. Then you can buy a SMTP server that won't care your list or build your own server.

If your list is opt-in, I recommend sendgrid for sure.
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It's best to use MailChimp or SendGrid.
Mail chimp is used by many and i would suggest you to use it and other choice are you can try out hub spot, AWeber, and MailerLite
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