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    Easyflirt.biz has been supplying thousands of personalized dating websites to its partners and this makes them a really unique dating company.

    We are offering great features you have every possibility in the world to make top commissions through our affiliate program.

    Personalized to fit you

    As an affiliate, you'll be able to keep your logo and graphics - we know the importance of personalization. Even the follow-up emails will be in your colors to keep things as constant as possible. If you keep things constant your visitors will gain trust in you and they'll get the impression that they're always visiting your site. Co-branding is an excellent feature that will help you in making money. Other creative innovations being offered are for example "page peel" and "floating chat invitation". All of these will you in converting referrals.

    Generous earnings

    With our dating affiliate program you'll make 55% of the subscription purchases and also 55% of your referrals subscription renewals. Subscriptions fees range from 29,95€ to 64€ depending on the length of the subscription - they are either 1 month, 3 month, 6 month. Subscriptions are automatically renewed when ended.
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