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  1. AdeptiAds

    Adepti Ads - Conquering The Affiliate Marketing Industry

    Dear Affiliate Marketers, We ventured into affiliate marketing in the Dating vertical, exploring every facet—being affiliates, collaborating with big and small companies, navigating various traffic sources, and working with direct advertisers and networks. Through this diverse journey, we...
  2. bureaucrat


    Hello BHW today I’ll tell you how I ran traffic from the Reddit forum to IMI Smartlink using Snapchat. Reddit is the largest forum in the world (22nd most visited site in the world and 11th in the US (according to SimilarWeb)). It includes approximately ~70% of mobile traffic and consists of...
  3. X

    Onlyfans promotion on Dating sites like tinder Badoo Once Lovoo Bumble

    Hey I‘m currently managing several onlyfans Creators (mainly on TikTok, Twitter & Reddit) But I‘m also interested in promoting them on Dating apps. I never did this but I know some people doing this so I’m wondering if it’s worth a try. I think the best way is to use a bot / automation and...
  4. QuakeX

    How do you analyze Fb Ad Results while promoting smartlink offers?

    This is my first time working with dating aff program (PPL). I have some experience with crypto offers (CPA), but I've never tried smartlink. I got confused when support manager said that there is no fixed price for lead. So I'd like to know which Ad indicators must be tracked to stay profitable
  5. DatingGroup

    Dating Group Affiliates - Industry Leading Payouts up to $600 Pay-per-Sale

    Hello beautiful people! Dating Group is one of the biggest online dating company with over 140 million monthly active users, 45 dating apps in our portfolio and over 100 countries covered by our products. Since 1998, We have been helping hundreds of millions of people live a more fulfilling...
  6. C

    I'm making a dating site

    Hello BHW, I am currently building a dating site. The dating site is for Norwegian users only and offers direct video chat, swipe functions like tinder and geo-location in the service. This means that you can find other users in your area. We have implemented a "Sell Access" function like Only...
  7. F


    Hi, my name is Fadil, I want to ask what is the best way to promote CPA dating using Instagram?
  8. Demi Kwan

    Are there SEO traffic partners suitable for dating offers?

    Wish to buy SEO traffic and promote in-house dating offers in CPL/CPS/CPA modes. Where's the best place to find these networks or webmasters? Thanks!
  9. TheWiredOnces

    Do you know those offers owner?

    Hello Everyone, I am working as affiliate marketer In dating Mostly and there is some of affiliate Network who have those offers. and epc are quite good. I was wondering if there anyone knows which website are owner of those offers/Direct advertiser? of those offers? banghiswife( . )com...
  10. clay99foryou

    $100 a day still possible with Porn Reupload :)

    I am uploading daily 5-10 quality videos on small tube sites win one domain on all of it also same cta and I do it for a month for a domain. After a month I change the cta and domain name so that I can track a little which is working and which is not working. Testing it for a month is good for...
  11. D

    Free Chat traffic for Dating Samrtlink

    Hello Everyone today i wanna know about free dating traffic like pof,meetme ETC.but some people ar doing different they are drive traffic from live gaming or like games community but i dont know how.if someone know any method for dating traffic then please share your article or share method...
  12. Y

    I Have clicks but i don't have conversion

    Hello guys ! I have a probleme as you see i have some clicks but i only have 1 conversion... I use lospollos and my traffic source is teelegram. CAn you please give an advice to convert this traffic. [ can anyone share with me a chat script to convince and register in the cpa offers ] Thank you
  13. IdenLevy007

    Looking for Dating Offers Advertiser

    Hello, I have HQ traffic. I am looking for direct dating offers advertiser. How can i get connect with them anyone have idea about it?
  14. flashsites

    Cold Email in Dating *Outdated?* / Script Advice

    Hi I would like to know if cold emails in the dating industry no longer works. I tried in the past with lame results. My emails were usually something like "Hi I think you're cute" - auto-response was "Find me on xxx" Is this Auto-responder method whats outdated? Any scripts working for...
  15. beastkay

    [Method] How to make money using Dating plus Messenger applications?

    Hello BHWers, Today I will be sharing a method I think some of people might be knowing but not performing and some of them will be milking it on large scale. I have some known contacts from T3 countries who have teams for doing this method but someone who is good at developing chat bots or...
  16. Black_Tiger

    How To Promote Adult/Dating Offer? What Is The Easiest Method If I Have No Adult Site Or mainstream

    I Hope You All Tell The easiest Way...... We Know That,Now A Days Adult Promoting Is The Big Industry For Earning Money. Because All Human Have interest For this. Maybe We Can Generate Money From Adult Related Blog,adult health products sell etc.
  17. J

    POF/Tinder/Match account creator

    I need someone who can create a bot that makes plenty of fish accounts, Tinder accounts, Match accounts that do the following: - Automatically signs up - Creates username and password and saves it to a text file - Verifies that the accounts are not pre-banned (Some accounts get banned right when...
  18. N

    Adult Marketing with Tinder & Okcupid

    Hi, I developed Tinder and OkCupid bots. It's swipe and send messages automatically. I don't know how to monetize it with these bots. I have a couple of ideas and want to know what do you think about that. 1. I was planning to promote OnlyFans accounts but I didn't found any content creators...
  19. JohnUturn

    Looking for partner, you need to have a published app

    Looking for a partner, you need to have a published app. The app should work like a browser using my affiliate link. Gambling, dating. I will bring the traffic.


    So, recently I tried to make some bots for dating sites. Guess what? It worked!!! The only problem is I can't find some good sites with not so good mods, where you can create accs for free and there are real people. What would you suggest? Also, don't suggest tinder or badoo, there are too...
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