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  1. P

    Stripcash Revenue Share or Pay per sign up

    Anyone tried stripcash Revenue Share or Pay per sign up, can you offer and advise experience or recommendations
  2. appcowz

    Ultra-Low CPIs in Latam/Mexico?

    We have an incredible product that is selling well but needs to scale. Mobile app for language learning, targeting spanish speakers. Open to grey / black hat ideas, contractors, affiliates who can help us scale. Attractive offer, good terms, high conv. rate. PM me or leave a comment if you...
  3. Kadha

    [ADULT TUBE] Journey to 200K visits per month

    Hello BHW! After some inspiration from @wirestyle journey, I decided to create my own journey! Around 2 years ago I started "selling" Leaked Onlyfans content and made quite some money for a teenager. I decided to re-invest the money into an Adult Tube around September of last year. But I only...
  4. rockj7238

    My journey in the steps of Wirestyle

    Hello all, This will be a thread where I update my journey venturing into adult tube sites. Please bear in mind I am a new user on this forum, go easy on me :) Background: Over the course of the past year I have been building an OF marketing and management agency. The OF business has been my...
  5. LoroPartners

    Loro Partners - Gambling Affiliate Network

    The highly qualified team of Loro Partners invites to cooperation those who want to monetize traffic with their skills. At launch you can start earning together with the betting company - WagonBet, which is designed in accordance with all the needs of players. WagonBet - has an abundance of...
  6. flashsites

    To use Affiliate Aggregators or not?

    Hi. I have a sex toy and adult goods online store. I've decided to host an affiliate program giving 20%. Should I add something like this to Clickbank or is it better for the affiliate to go direct? Where would I promote to Affiliates if Im to go direct?
  7. syphaxmail

    I am looking for Android developer who can add coin system to my video chat app (will split profit)

    Hi, I have a video chatting mobile app and getting downloads average 50 per day (without spending any amount) all are organically downloads. I am thinking to add coin system and do paid promotions so that I can earn handsome money. App already has facebook ads integration Need coin system so...
  8. fmbaba01

    [Looking For] Individual/Group That can turn lead to Sales & Have Acess to Good Offers in FX,Crypto,BO,Gambling et al

    Background story: I have a partner of mine who has some interesting Cold leads/data and he is basically willing to sell, but i am proposing engagement of those leads and make sales off them rather than selling the off cheap. However, after much deliberation, there is some agreement in...
  9. somewebmaster

    Any experience with Nutaku, AdultForce?

    Hi You can find affiliate programs for Nutaku (hentai games) on several other places, but after trying a few of them AdultForce worked the best for me. Now, they offer Rev-share, Pay per free sign-up DOI, and Pay per lead SOI. I started with Rev-share and on the start it was ok, I caught one...
  10. CPA Studio

    My Adwords method + Your Campaign

    So I have the ability to get you working adwords accounts (manual payments) I'll bear the cost of advertising and will be taking 50% of the profit. I prefer white hat mostly but i am open to spreading my wings, you must be experienced in advertising I will call your bluff if you are just...
  11. Mercedes-Benz

    CB Rev-Shere Question

    Hi I don’t really get this. So if someone buys token I get 20% of what he has spends. Does it mean that he need to sign up on Chaturbate with my Rev-Share Link? But what is if someone is already signed up on Chaturbate?
  12. UnionPharm

    UnionPharm - affiliate platform for pharmacy traffic!

    Hola! I would like to introduce you an affiliate network that works on pharma products to EU and many other countries. We offer up to 50% commission for Revenue share model, and 5% for every affiliate you bring. What we are not accepting: - spam traffic - no shipping to North America - no...
  13. bitnerd

    What is better? Linking directly to sign-up page or linking to homepage/best converting model?

    The reason I ask is because I've read conflicting info and would like to get some clarity on the situation. If I were to go by free signups / day then I get more sign ups by directly linking to the sign up page. I've been told though that this is bad practice because I am "tricking" people into...
  14. D

    Journey to 1 million visits per month [ADULT TUBE]

    Hello BHW! I started my journey into the porn world a few weeks ago with a general adult tube. The process has been very tiring, my ultimate goal is getting to 1 million visitors per month or 20,000 per day. At first I set myself some goals for each month; Month 1 Build traffic on social media...
  15. NetCrime

    Earning $30/month for mistakes I did years ago.

    ~$30/month in 2018. That's completely passive income from a method I did a few years ago. I want to share some insights that were a surprise for me and I hope that it will be useful at least for some of you. - THE METHOD It was a simple method to rank a website on a keyword "<...> token hack"...
  16. Mad Marketing

    Hey everyone!

    I'm a bit of an old hand with IM but new here. BIG mistake not joining sooner. I was in my own little world with a great sales funnel running PPC ads and selling Free Trials in the skin care niche—with an awesome continuity offer. Like a CPA only I also owned the products—I made a killing...
  17. B

    Twitter + Tumblr + Chaturbate $0 to $100 in record time

    So I've have several projects going on but this is the one I want to really document and keep track of. I created a broad porn tumblr, queued a bunch of high quality reblogs using archive poster and queue+, and use ifttt to post to my twitter account which is also broad porn. also...
  18. ByOffersCPA

    What is more profitable CPA or Rev/Share?

    Affiliates what do you think is the most profitable model between CPA and Rev/Share?
  19. fmbaba01

    |RevShare|Request | Niche| Education, Jobs,

    I am an Affiliate Marketer. I have worked hard in the east but was cheated by the network I was involved in. I was frustrated and had to take a break off it. However I decided to give it a trial again but this time I am opting for a Revenue Share with either a reputable network or an...
  20. R

    Gambling affiliate question

    Hi, I have been cruising BHW for a few years now whilst plugging away at the affilaite marketing. I am wondering if anyone out there can give me some advice about the gambling sector. I know it it heavily saturated and loads of competition but I believe I can generate a significant amount of...
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