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    I need someone who can create a blog script for my website (just an easy blog with categories, title, tags, comments, rating and easy management). To this blog script I will add a couple of Wordpress plugins (the blog scripts must be created so that it fit on my website database. More details will be given when the project will start).

    What am I looking for:
    * Developer to create the blog script
    * Use Wordpress plugins and rebuild them so I can use these plugins for my own blogging system
    * From the administrator dashboard the plugins can be managed easy. Also, when a new update from the official plugin is available, the script should be easy to upgrade, so all plugins should be build in separated modules.

    Some of the plugins that should be used (NOTE: some functionalities from the plugin are the same so not everything should be activated on the blogs):
    • autoblogged
    • wp robot
    • wp affiliate pro

    Later on I need more plugins integrated (30+ more)

    My budget is low (xx till a max of $250) so don't bid more than the project budget. Also, only bid and send PM when you can do the job in max. 7 days.

    NOTE: Only bid when you have read the project details. Don't send messages with all kinds of example links you build before that are not relevant. Only send project relevant messages or I will report the messages as spam.

    Thanks already for the replies. Hope to find a long relationship development partner.

    Best regards
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    Kindly check your inbox. Thanks.