1. jerra

    WPROBOT set up

    Hi, I’m looking for someone who can help me set up wprobot properly. I seem to be doing something wrong, but don’t know what. Thanks
  2. chipmunk951

    Is there a WP Plugin that can automate the creation of the site completely?

    Hi There, I've heard of WP-Robot and BlogSense, but is there a wordpress plugin that can do what they do (scrape posts based on keyword etc, spin them and upload them with images/videos) as well as change theme, create a ToS, Privacy Policy, Contact us page all within 1 plugin? If there is i'm...
  3. D

    Question about reselling sites with WPRobot installed

    I've been contacting the company with no response so I'm hoping someone here can offer some ideas. I finally decided to sell "starter" sites. I bought a copy of wprobot over a year ago, but don't know how to tell if I have a developer license or not. Can't find the receipt in my email. Is there...
  4. jerra

    wprobot help

    Hello I'm looking for some help in setting up wprobot properly. I have the official version but I am having problems with it pulling in videos and articles to my blogs. I will be happy to pay the right person. Thanks
  5. jerra

    wprobot help

    Hello I'm looking for some help in setting up wprobot. I will be happy to pay the right person. Thanks
  6. A

    WPRobot 5 Duplicate Title Prevention

    Hi, I feel like sending an envelope full of baking soda to WPRobot right now because I keep seeing duplicate titles despite busting my butt trying to stop it. I tweaked wp_insert_post in post.php for Wordpress and as a result no human being can create a duplicate title in Wordpress, but WPRobot...
  7. SantaInThailand

    WP Robot and AdSense... a bad idea or a working model?

    Hey guys, I'm just in the process of creating some autoblogs using WP Robot and I'm thinking of monetising them with AdSense. I did some research and found pretty conflicting opinions about this combo, as some say this is just asking for a ban while others say they've been having autoblogs...
  8. T

    WP Robot 4.06 - I come to you to help me Plis

  9. F

    Possible multi backdate in wprobot ?

    Hi good morning all, May you tell me please if it is possible to use multi date in backadate at wpr robot ? Because there is a line Backdate Start Date: exemple today is 2014-09-11 so you have if you want to put Backdate Start Date: 2014-09-11 But if you want exemple to make them for a...
  10. W

    Need help! WProbot replace keywords function

    I installed WP robot 4.0.2, In replace keywords area, I input apple|iphone|100, then I updated the campaign. After that I goto control panel page, and re-edit the campaign again. The replace keywords area change to apple|iphone|100|, It automatically add a "|" at the end of phase. I delete...
  11. Bostoncab

    Readable unique content spanish from English? There a method? WProbot?

    Readable unique content spanish from English? There a method? Google translate? as i recall to get Readable unique English you go English to French to Russian to German back to English right? What about Spanish? Readable unique content spanish from English? There a method? WProbot?
  12. C

    Why wprobot do not use mimies keywords ?

    Hi all good morning, Just want to understand in demo wprobot why he do not use mimes keywords please ? I do all correct put "keyword" so normally can find those ones but the trouble when he made auto content new message often he wrote and keywords are not mimes i have selected ? How do you...
  13. S

    Autoblogging Amazon Kindle Free promotions

    I have WP Robot with the amazon module but can't figure out how to set it up that it posts from the free promotions with my affiliate id. I have spent hours trying to figure it out with no luck! Have also tried the same thing with RSS feeds but still no-go... Can anyone point me in the right...
  14. C

    How put a banner cod in this syntax in wprobot ?

    Hi all, May you tell me please if it is possible to put a banner cod in this syntax in wprobot please ? {pressrelease} [random:50][select:More <a href="{catlink}">{Keyword} Press Releases</a>|Related <a href="{catlink}">{Keyword} Press Releases</a>|Find More <a href="{catlink}">{Keyword}...
  15. C

    What products do you promote with wprobot ?

    Hi all welcome, May you tell me please those who use wprobot what are those best products do you promote with please ?
  16. C

    wprobot want my personal how do it please ?

    So i look in wprobot and i use it there are some troubles using this demo version. 1- arrive a time can not post like all day long many in demo post every hour is hard and do not get enought content 2- impossible to put mimes banners and affiliates links in messages only "flick' pictures. So...
  17. C

    New blog 1 message per day or more.

    Hi good morning all, Just want to know please if you have a new blog and would like to rank hight as quick as you can. How you do it please 1- 1 new message per day 2- auto update with wprobot (trouble tons of duplicated and not really good tags for each message) 3- do you do yourself 1 new...
  18. R

    I need someone to update / repair my wordpress site

    I have a site that uses WPRobot to gather rss feeds & images for news articles, but the images don't display, and the RSS feeds are just snippets (not full articles) I need someone experienced with WPRobot who can fix it.
  19. C

    Can you make your personnel wprobot ?

    Hey all, So i try wprobot give me tons of pages, some indexed and each time around 200 words. So i prefer or i want please to know how i can make my personal wprobot. Just want to give my personal text and banners all differents in each messages. May you explain please how i can do it...
  20. C

    How clean cookies each message in wprobot ?

    Hi all, Is it possible to clean cookies after wprobot make a message please ? All know in blogging you need to clean cookies each time you make a new message and after you "ping". So how you do it with wprobot because he update alone with new content but noway to clean cookies for all new...
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