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    I think i might have dug myself into a very very deep hole. could really use some advice please.
    I am attempting to launch a rewards site. Where users can sign up watch videos, answer surveys sample products and in return they will receive points in exchange for these tasks. The most popular feature on my site (i hope) will be the "watch" feature where users just click watch and monetized dailymotion videos will be playing.

    Thats at least how it supposed to work

    What is actually happening is before the video plays is this



    Now I dont know what to do, monetization is on but 90% of the time its like this.

    1000 points = $1 on my site and users get 2 points per video. If I launch as is then I would be bleeding money if i have to pay users each week yet im not actually getting any ads.

    Also the point for the "watch" feature is for them to auto play on after the other I have a playlist of about 40 videos. but another issue is that it only auto plays until my playlist finishes the final video. So basically from start to finish it takes about an hour to play through the entire play list. I really need it to start from the beginning when it end. I know how to loop a dailymotion video but does anyone know how to loop an entire dailymotion playlist ?