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  1. seojen

    Someone Explains me What is Google Sandbox please!

    I need your advice guys, I have this website created in the first days of April and today I checked it in Ahrefs and found it was showing some keywords there as seen in the screenshot. I've been reading things about new websites and how it normally takes something around 6 months to get out of...
  2. Deadlight

    [Journey] Reaching 1,000+ Visitors A Day In 90 Days With A Fresh Domain And NO Backlinks!

    Introduction Hello! I have been on this forum for a while and realized I never started a journey thread. I am looking to build a new income stream by the end of this year that can take over my current full-time work. I obviously want to grow much more than 1k visitors per day, but I want to...
  3. cosmo89

    What would you build on this one?

    Just got a new domain, what would you build on this domain? Its short and simple, dont want to start a another job board.I thought to work on a career advice forum for freelancers. / remote workers. Thanks and appreciate your comments.
  4. thethrowdest

    New site time for indexing of keywords

    Hey guys, setup a new website been about almost 2 weeks building some good quality pbn back links, how long on average are you guys seeing new websites at least in top 100 for your keywords?
  5. TiZEN

    Fresh 1 week old site got 16 DA, do I have to worry?

    I'm kinda new to building websites, I bought domain and hosting a week ago and only installed theme and a temp logo, but today when I was researching a keyword on ahrefs I saw these stats: But the main thing is that those sites from where I'm getting those backlinks is exact copy of my main...
  6. ZED911

    Last shot : Brand New Site To 10k visitors a month

    hello again. I've been away for a while & I decided to give this one last shot after reading a lot of encouraging threads long story short I've been wasting a lot of my time & effort on a losing project that went great in the terms of SEO / visitors but failed so HARD on the monetization. so...
  7. robin222

    New websites established with expired domain names only use guest blog backlinks

    I have a new website based on a premium expired domain name, which has 150 backlinks from different Root domains. For this new website, I want to continue to operate it for a long time. Therefore, I don't want to use PBN backlinks, I just want to use Guest post backlinks and Niche edit...
  8. robin222

    New website ranking quickly

    Can a new website built on a powerful expired domain name allow keywords to enter the first page of Google within a month?
  9. R

    A profitable way to monetize a new website?

    Other than affiliate and adsense, what is a profitable way to monetize a newly made site?
  10. robin222

    Can the keywords of the new website be pushed to the first page of Google within 6 months

    I set up a new e-commerce website more than 4 months ago, using a new domain name and not using an expired domain name. At present, the main ranking keywords of the new website have entered Google page 2, (I did not see the sandbox). I would like to ask, according to my current optimization...
  11. robin222

    Can a new website established by an expired domain name quickly establish a large number of backlinks?

    Can a new website established by an expired domain name quickly establish a large number of backlinks?
  12. robin222

    Can the new website use PBN

    I have a new website that is 2 months old and it already has some backlinks; can I start PBN link building now? Still need to wait for a while Is it too early to establish a PBN link? Easy to be noticed by Google algorithm!
  13. NachoMan

    [Journey] 1k paid subs in 1 year for my new SaaS site

    Hi :), I’m creating this journey because I feel like I need to bounce some ideas, get some feedback regarding the decisions I made, and in general, taking this path alone can be a bit overwhelming :confused:. What I have done so far: I created a new site and developed a small software to...
  14. R

    Expired or new registered domain for site

    Hi, was looking for exact match domains for a site and found a 3 kw domain with search volumes around 2700, CPC $4.42 and search results 170 million. Within quotes, search result comes to 83,000. There are loads of ppc ads starting right from the first page of google means advertisers are paying...
  15. robin222

    New website uses expired domain name question

    I want to build a new e-commerce website, but I have not found a suitable expired domain name. Should I continue searching? Or use a new domain name?
  16. NachoMan

    [Help] Need someone abroad to test payments via paypal

    Hi, I need some help testing payments on my new site. For regulatory reasons, PayPal accounts from my country (Colombia) may not send nor receive any payments from other PayPal accounts that are also from same country, and I’m having a hard time testing it in production. (It works ok on sandbox...
  17. robin222

    How long can the new website use ranking?

    My domain name was purchased in November last year, and the website was developed and launched on July 15 this year. At the same time, I submitted it to GSC. It has been online for almost 2 months. The website mainly does the following: 1. The website has updated a few posts 2. Set the inner...
  18. Dalene Morovic

    Anyone Familiar with that Problem?

    I started a new website two and a half months ago. Google Search Console says 318 pages got indexed. When I do "" on google it says about 318 results were found but I click last page of search results and it shows only 51 pages. Do you have any idea why this happens?
  19. benj_pirate

    Find me a +3 years +30 DA Crypto domain (clean)

    Hello all, If someone here is experienced in finding good aged domain, let me know... I looked around online on: tbsolutions, expireddomains, flippa etc etc but didn't find anything good for the price. I would like to spend about 3000$ and start with a good domain that already has a good...
  20. jingsaw

    New Web Page

    I think the topic has arisen quite a few times, but after all this is the point. Topic New Web Page ;) The beginning: -Domain -Hoster - Design and fill the page and now it will be exciting.) What would make sense from that point on? Which tools? What strategies? Thank you for your answer...
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