rewards site

  1. LoudLerker

    Dailymotion monetization help

    I think i might have dug myself into a very very deep hole. could really use some advice please. I am attempting to launch a rewards site. Where users can sign up watch videos, answer surveys sample products and in return they will receive points in exchange for these tasks. The most popular...
  2. LoudLerker

    Tremor Vidoes

    I came across there platform and watched there demos but im not 100% I understand there service , more specifically if they offer what I need for my site. Basically they cater to "buyers" and "sellers". I am a publisher. I have videos on my website that I would like to monetize with...
  3. LoudLerker

    Incentivized ad networks

    Does anyone know of any ad networks that are ok with offering users "points" for every ad they watch? Am currently developing a rewards site.
  4. U

    Soft Incentive CPA (VA rewards site)

    Hey guys! I thought of an idea couple of days ago dealing with incentive CPA and just wanted some feedback and some experience from the black hat community, this will be my first go at IM. I want to start a website where users could complete offers, surveys, mobile downloads, etc in exchange...
  5. A

    How do I create a customer loyalty program using a credit card?

    I came across a site called zavee, and the site lets you use a credit card as a points reward card. I want to do the same but I don't understand how to do so. Even if I do obtain credit card numbers, how would I use that to track if the user buys from a specified place. A friend suggested that I...
  6. D

    FREEBIE Site ! This Is My Project To Star, What do you recommend ?

    I have been for some time in affiliate marketing I want to focus on building a freebie website to star making money is a good idea? have any recommendations? know any platform to manage the site? give your advice or tell me your experience.... :rolleyes: