Careful With Your Chrome, @Gmail & Your Passwords! Avoid Getting Spied ~

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    This isn't really a big discover, it's actually in front of your eyes (not only IM-ers), yet few choose to use or avoid them, so they let them be. But you see, that's not where the story ends.

    Most of the people are neglecting these little yet essencial 'settings', so I'm just spreading the word about the fact that G. Chrome can store all your sites, emails & usernames used, and of course, all your passwords; :suspect: All of these were accessed by you and stored by Chrome while you were currently logged and 'synced' with your gmail account. And of course, logically, it's accesible for Google too. What a database..

    Now it's interesting how some people forget about this, and then they wonder how come they got banned on adsense or when other 'nasty' situation happens to them, without understanding how and why it happened. However, it's more behind all of these, but it's a good thing to take care of. Sometimes it's not enough only to clear your cookies etc.


    Strange things that can happen:

    :spy: Someone that wants to bring stalking to a whole new level
    :spy: Curious best friends who wants to see when you watched porn last time
    :spy: Parents invading their kids privacy
    :spy: Jelly lovers who wants to find out their gf/bf/wife/husband passwords of FB and much more
    :spy: Companies.. people working in offices, those kinds of places where are 50+ mini-offices for each person in a single room; Imagine that.
    :spy: bla bla.. long list..
    :spy: Google selling information to your government, secret services, 'illerminaty', top mega-companies etc. (consipracy level)

    Just be careful :ebay:
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    what pisses me off is there is no simple export password tool in Chrome itself.
    very inconvenient.