privacy protection

  1. J

    A question about selling domains and privacy

    Hey guys, I’d like to sell domains probably with and I’m seeking some advice as I’m new to this. I haven’t started yet, I’m still reading how to do this and so far the whole process seems relatively easy to me but there is one step that seems odd to me. From what I’ve read I...
  2. Smtppop3

    Why your privacy matters even if you have nothing to hide.

    Today I came across this thread: In it, there was a small discussion on privacy and the methods some people use to stay as anonymous as possible. However, below the thread there were...
  3. semigod

    Free Speech - Domain and Hosting Suggestions

    Hi all, I was assigned to create a website that will expose mostly politicians illegitimate practices and scandals. Nothing illegal about it, but it is imperative that offended parties will not be able to link the website or the domain name with an individual. Do you know any offshore...
  4. L

    Woocommerce + Aliexpress GDPR Problem

    Hi everyone! It's my first post here, but me and my friend have been browsing BHW for quite some time. We've decided to run a joint venture based on woocommerce dropshipping business. However, we've just hit a snag in regards to privacy policy changes imposed by the EU's GDPR. GDPR demands...
  5. bslll

    Privacy Plugins

    Hello! Brazilian here. Is there any possibility of the plugin Link Privacy to affect the link juice? My PBN are indexed but it seems not to affect MS position then I removed the plugin by another reason and the MS improved in the rank, It can't be coincidence. Is it possible? ps: sorry...
  6. C

    Anonymous/Pseudonymous Banking Help

    Anonymous/Pseudonymous Banking I'd like to setup an anonymous offshore bank account by using nominee documents, but I have some concerns and wanted to see if anyone could shout out any answers to them. My first worry is about the danger of using a nominee. If you structure it so the...
  7. Madruga

    Careful With Your Chrome, @Gmail & Your Passwords! Avoid Getting Spied ~

    This isn't really a big discover, it's actually in front of your eyes (not only IM-ers), yet few choose to use or avoid them, so they let them be. But you see, that's not where the story ends. Most of the people are neglecting these little yet essencial 'settings', so I'm just spreading the...
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