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Apr 25, 2014
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Anonymous/Pseudonymous Banking

I'd like to setup an anonymous offshore bank account by using nominee documents, but I have some concerns and wanted to see if anyone could shout out any answers to them.

My first worry is about the danger of using a nominee. If you structure it so the nominee has no idea what bank or corporation you are using or who you are and the bank has no way of actually contacting them, then they are probably not a threat to the structure. Am I wrong? The only risk I see is if the account is ever audited (or maybe if the bank ever requests to meet in person). But what would you need to be able to survive an audit? Just a detailed passport, id and proof of address information from a nominee?

My next question is a bit technical, whether anyone knows how long videos are typically recorded. Do businesses like Starbucks, 7-11, major retailers or governments ever delete their locations' videos? From what I've read, it seems like giant stores are legally allowed to save records for a year or years, and save at least some of them long term so they can glean consumer behavior data from them. I mean, if you want to something untraceable to any potential or theoretical future government snooping of records, do you really have to buy bitcoins under a bridge or in a dark alleyway (or services with cash in special parts of large cities) or can prepaid visas and bitcoins bought in a public space be untraceable to you after awhile because photo/video records are deleted?

Although I'm not sure if any of you would know this, where do you think I can procure these nominee docs? Is there any site which sells legitimate copies of notarized passport and government ids or proof of address? Should I find people on Craigslist or freelancer sites?

I'd also be grateful for any suggestions of more appropriate forum sites for this kind of question. I thought about Reddit but BHW is the most appropriate I could think of. Do tell if you know of any forums out there which focus on anonymous finance or this kind of offshore banking.
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it is not like you say. Usually it is you who opens offshore bank account. Nominee director entitles you to do that on power of attorney basis. Clarify that with the agency you use before you proceed.
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