1. MasterOfMasks

    [SELLING] bitcoin.** CRYPTO DOMAIN

    NOTE: Previously, I was also selling bitcoins.*** but that I will use it as money site, so I won't be selling that domain for now. Hey folks, In this thread I'm selling a crypto bitcoin domain. Exact Match Domain for bitcoin. The domain is: (In order to see the TLD, please contact me and...
  2. iimpact

    I think the bear market is done, anyone else agrees?

    Longterm graph and the short one as well suggest the same, what are your thoughts?
  3. iimpact

    [Journey] Daily crypto trading, from 10k to Billion

    After a lot of testing I think I finally have something, but lets give it more time as I've started with this new concept only 3 days ago, I'm using hedge trading on ETH/USDT pair meaning at some points I have both short and long open. My long is currently bigger than short as the market looks...
  4. Cypherpunk Zero #4027

    More BTC wrapped in Avalanche and Ethereum than on Lightning

    We got to a point where Bitcoin bridged to Avalanche surpasses BTC locked in the Lightning Network (which is Bitcoin's layer 2) This also happened on Ethereum a few years ago...
  5. C

    What's everyone's thoughts on BlockFi?

    Hey all, Is anyone using BlockFi? I know they have gone into bankruptcy, so what would you recommend now? Thank you
  6. Crypto Marketing

    Happy Birthday, Bitcoin!

    It was on this day 14 years ago that the first Bitcoin block was mined. Even after the first block was mined, it took awhile for the coins to have a market price. There was a transaction in October 2009, where 5050 coins were sold for $5,02, giving each one a price of roughly $0,00099. Since...
  7. A

    Private nominee service - Anonymous crypto-friendly debit cards, EMI and bank accounts, company formation.

    We would like to offer you our private nominee service. Whom is this service for? For those who need complete anonymity, financial freedom and long term stability. What is the main idea? We are a flexible nominee service, which provides the nominees from within and outside the EU. Our main...
  8. bestspinner

    Better Alternative to Bitcoin

    if there is a better alternative to bitcoin, what do you think it is? what is that coin? must be decentralized, secure, limited, and impossible to ban. but faster and have more feature etc...
  9. bestspinner

    Bitcoin Analysis

    I believe that Bitcoin can potentially decline further, to roughly $15,000.
  10. bestspinner

    What you think of this 30x Bitcoin prediction?

    Kathy wood from ARC invest makes a great point that Bitcoin have just passed a very important test, she gives a perspective shift and then she finishes with why she believes a 30X is coming. We encourage our companies to invest aggressively right now to capitalize on some of the most important...
  11. bestspinner

    Story on why you need to invest in BNB

    Once upon a time, I was a young and ambitious investor who was always on the lookout for the next big opportunity. I had heard a lot about cryptocurrency and how it was changing the world of finance, so I decided to take the plunge and invest in a popular coin called Binance Coin (BNB). At...
  12. Sunya

    The best explanation of Bitcoin you will ever hear.

  13. T

    Crypto offers

    Hi Guys, I have some crypto traffic which I want to monetize. Anybody here who have some good offers?
  14. seo_alexa002

    $100M+ IN BITCOIN SHORTS JUST GOT CLOSED!!! [get ready]

    $100M+ IN BITCOIN SHORTS JUST GOT CLOSED!!! [get ready] Source - Youtube
  15. seo_alexa002

    Will Bitcoin Hit $25k in Next 15 Days??

    Will Bitcoin Hit $25k in Next 15 Days?? What you Think Guys?
  16. Cypherpunk Zero #4027

    Taliban Ban Crypto in Afghanistan

    Source: They never learn. Did this ever work for other countries? Any BHW members from that area? What are your thoughts on the law and how the news will affect price.
  17. Bloodseeker

    ⚡️ Can we actually make a passive income by running a Bitcoin Lightning node? ⚡️

    Hi, I did some research but couldn't find a proper answer. All the articles and videos say that you can make money by investing about $200-400 in equipment, but how much can we make? I know it won't make me a millionaire. And how hard is it to set it up?
  18. Toz

    Wow! Found This in an Old Dropbox Account I had from Years Ago!

    The price of BTC back then... Fucking hindsight. Also, I noticed I had BHW as a pinned tab. BHW is life.