1. DOG

    BTC DUMPING LIKE HELL (Check this out)‼️

    Another Day candle Open and Bitcoin Crash another -5%+ What's really going on? It this Discounted retracement for Buy ? Must be something really Big about to Happen ! uploaded the screenshot of last 3 Days candles which is $48000 to $40000 Drop (in just Three days) -BE CAREFUL WHILE...
  2. DOG

    Bitcoin Bulls VS Ethereum Bulls ???

    Hey Beautiful people’s I was checking the Weekly Gainer list of the Crypto market and get to know that on Weekly and Monthly only Bitcoin & Ethereum With High Volume are these only Two Coins which is traded on Same Range Area. #Bitcoin :- $45000 to $49000 #Ethereum :- $3200 to $4000...
  3. jem001

    Anyone knows how to rank and drive traffic to a crypto news website?

    I don't know if this have been asked but cryptocurrency is a new niche that is getting popular today and I don't see anyone here doing a journey on ranking a crypto blog site. Need help for this because I just invested a lot on this blog and not sure if it's gonna work out!
  4. H

    South Africa & Singapore Banned Cryptocurrency !!!

    Earlier this week, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) ordered the crypto giant to stop providing payment services due to possibly violating local laws. first South africa and Now Singapore Too ! Whats Going on ! If this Keep Continues We will see Huge Dump in the Market ! Whats Your...
  5. M

    bitcoin mining legal in Indonesia?

    Hi any body can say, is that legal to mining in Indonesia by using bitminer?
  6. Y

    XXX Btc lost. How Can I found it?

    hi there, My friend lost XXX bitcoin. He bougth XXX btc in 2011. He moved to a desktop program and forget it. We know just email address and reachable to account. We don't know which wallet are in? And account password. How Can we found to btc's? Your opinions are important for print.
  7. bestspinner

    Top 20 Coin You Will HODL

    What are your top 20 coins that you buy and hodl? Mine is btc, eth, ada, xrp, bnb, doge, dot, sol, uni, luna, link, etc, icp, matic, vet, theta,xlm, fil, trx, aave
  8. U

    Crypto Investment Journey - To the Moon

    Hey BHW! Update: I wanted to drop in about an update of what I've been doing since my last post here and where the scheme of things had lead me on my journey so far. After learning basic Front-End web development and freelancing to support myself since April (thankfully I didn't quit the...
  9. Hostshield | Premium Dedicated Servers and VPS | Netherlands | SDD | DMCA Ignored

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Premium VPS and Dedicated Servers Provider...
  10. charmtolucky

    Old MacDonald had a BITCOIN, Ee i ee i oh

    :) And on his account he had some Bitcoin Ee i ee i oh Do you think MacDonald will buy some other currency too? What do you have BTW?
  11. homeriscool

    The Real Agenda Behind Covid and Where it's Taking Us

    Do you want to know why the elites have destroyed your lives over the last 15 months? Well read on, I promise to explain all of it A thread. It links nicely to this story: Remember...
  12. bestspinner

    Do you play crypto game?

    So yesterday I tried to play this game account upgrade and all that, I think this game is fun. And then i tried the market to buy and then sell it again for profit and it really works i just sell the card i bought for profit this is crazy Just look at it guys, also...
  13. H

    Bitcoin to $40000 ST Confirmed ✅ Here is WHY (Market Structure Forming)

    Hello Folks. I Just see an Amazing Structure based on Wyckoff & SM Concept and according to that, you might see bitcoin back to $40k Level even just for retest. I don't say this sure happens But the CHanges are more in this Situation Because we are about to close the weekly at the Range...
  14. H

    Bitcoin Just Broke $33000 Strong Level ✅ Are we going to Moon again ?

    As We can See Clearly Bitcoin Broke the $33000 Resistance Level and Current price is $33400+ at the Time i am Writing this Tread . Now the Main question is are we Going to see Bullishness again or its just again a Trap My Resistance Area for Now :- $35000 if this Broken and We stay above This...
  15. H

    This Week is too Dangerous for Bitcoin Look that How

    Hello Beautiful Peoples :) i can see this is Second Day for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Not Moving Much and I come up with my this Analysis that if we dont Break and stay above $35000 this Week Then Might We will see again Bitcoin back to $28000 for Retest & Its Thats Happen That Unlucky Many things...
  16. H

    Your Honest Thoughts About XRP (Ripple)?

    Hello Folks, What do you Guys about XRP (Ripple) As most of us Know that XRP is Regulated But it does not Mean We cant see Bullish Trend in XRP (as Per my Point of view) I am Personally Holding XRP for Long Term & expecting for that Day When really XRP pumps Hard. according to My Point of...
  17. H

    Binance Future Tricky Scam 2021

    Hey Folks, Today I'll Be Talk about Binance Scam Before that I wanna let you know that Binance is from one of the Top listed Crypto Exchanges in the world... Now many of you think why I set Title Binance future scam. Here is why because I am using Binance for over 4 Years Now and Many of you...
  18. H

    Urgent Update Sell Bitcoin Now !!!

    Hello Folks This is the Right Time to take a short Entry on BTCUSD. You will see sooner or later bitcoin to touch $24000 and if this will Break you will see another Potential support at $19800. The Bear is the More Power at this time so don't go Long on BTcC or any other altcoin becare if...
  19. H

    Forex & Crypto Trader [Need this Rules to become Successful]

    Before you even start assessing yourself and wanting to make a decision to give up or not, I advise to think long-term... Things like, / I won't rush the process, / I will submit to time, and not pressurize myself, / I will give myself a minimum of 4yrs to commit to learning voraciously...
  20. V

    Crypto Dilemma !

    Hi Is crypto market back on track ? I started few months ago and then came the big crash, so just stopped tracking anything and left everything where it was. Please suggest few coins to get into now.