1. BTC2017


    As many of you have already noticed, the crypto space is heating up again! Every day, around $500 million of new institutional money flows into the Bitcoin ETFs. The 2024-2025 bull run has just started, and I will show you how to profit from it without even investing money into anything! I'm...
  2. MrT131

    What's your favorite altcoin?

    Hey BHW, since BTC is now at 56K and does not seem to stop rising a lot of you guys probably also invested in altcoins and are waiting for the legendary altcoin season. That's why I want to ask you guys what your favorite altcoins are! But always remember, everyone is a winner in a bullrun so...
  3. Rakesh429

    Does A-ADS and Jingling work still?

    I've been trying to make some bitcoin with A-ADS the adnetwork and it seems to not work with Jingling (IPTS) as it did before. Do I leave it running for days or what. I was wondering if anyone else has used other traffic sources for A-ADS to get paid? Anything helps. Thanks.
  4. davids355

    Is Bitcoin dead?

    According to the European Central Bank it is.
  5. BTC2017


    Hello Everyone! I would like to introduce myself in here. My Journey started 2017 by buying my first bitcoin to discover the darknet. Back then the price for 1 BTC was around 1-2K. I started to realize the potential of not just bitcoin but also all the other coins out there. Back then I took...
  6. Sunya

    Bitcoin ETFs are acquiring 10X more BTC than miners can produce on a day to day basis

    Spot Bitcoin ETFs are acquiring significantly more Bitcoin than miners are producing. On February 12, ETFs added about 10,280 BTC, while miners produced approximately 1,059 BTC. BlackRock's IBIT, Fidelity's FBTC, and Ark 21Shares' ARKB saw large inflows, while Grayscale and Invesco's BTCO had...
  7. Sunya

    Bitcoin moved barely below 40k USD with such selling pressure.

    Grayscale has now moved a total of 100,000 BTC to Coinbase to dump on the public since Bitcoin ETF launch. Source: X Search Grayscale dead. Long live the bull.
  8. Gurusocial

    URLs of Binance and Some Other Exchanges blocked in India

    So What do you think About this are aur assets safe aur Should we Transfer Them on Other Platforms Because the Binance App is Still Working? Till Now only there URL are not working and Which other Platfrom Do you suggest for Spot Trading.
  9. Gurusocial

    Will BTC Cross 50k Till Next Week?

    Tell you opinian
  10. ThunderProxies

    Bitcoin ETFs got approved

    Has been confirmed by many news outlets, Bloomberg even specified they made sure this comes straight from SEC. Congrats to everyone! SEC Approves Bitcoin-Spot ETFs in Milestone for Digital ...Bloomberg › news › articles › spot-b... ReutersUS SEC approves 11 spot...
  11. Y

    Crypto Mining

    Hii guys, Lately i've been doing a lot of research on the internet and came across a silent miner. I have access to over 1000+ computers now and i was wondering for any tips, collabs or partnerships regarding the use of all these computers for mining. Please share me your thoughts. Gr,
  12. Cryptomok

    Simpsons Already Predicted The Bitcoin

  13. Cryptomok

    Less than 5 months for the Bitcoin halving

  14. RealLikes24

    LayerZero Airdrop! $ZRO is coming soon | Crypto

    LayerZero confirmed yesterday that the ZRO airdrop is coming in the next 6 months. I'm hoping for a $10K airdrop like Arbitrum. According to this Airdrop checker I am ranked in the top 6%. What is your ranking? nftcopilot(dot)com/layer-zero-rank-check You do NOT have to connect your wallet to...
  15. bestspinner

    Crypto Is Dead

    Is crypto really dead? Well, I think it's better to just stick with Bitcoin and possibly layer-2 Bitcoin solutions. I believe these options have significant potential for growth.
  16. Cryptomok

    Bitcoin Surpasses $40,000: What Are The Factors Behind the BTC Price Surge?

    The recent surge in Bitcoin's value can be linked to a few key factors. Firstly, it's connected to the optimistic remarks made by U.S. central bankers and the increasing optimism about the potential approval of a Bitcoin spot ETF. Additionally, traders seem more positive about an upcoming rally...
  17. S

    What is the future of Crypto? Do you think 2024 will be the year of BTC?

    As we are seeing some hike on btc kissed 37k and making its move to downwards . do you think will se a pull back to 40k+? Market has a little bit negative sentiment for the resining binance ceo CZ. Talking about binance, How you you analyze new ceo taking over binance ? Btc halving is around...
  18. AkeSon

    Can Someone help with any CPA network that pays in Bitcoin

    Because of the location, I need to join a CPA network that has Bitcoin or USDT as a payment method also. It's useless making money that you won't be withdraw
  19. S

    What is the best DEX

    I wanted to start a friendly debate about the best decentralized exchange (Dex) out there, and I'm going to make a case for Bitget Swap which I recently started using and I've fallen in love with. Of course, there are many DEXs in the market, each with its unique features and strengths. Still, I...
  20. Syntify

    Analysts Indicate Approval is Approaching as Bitcoin ETF Prospectus Updates in Latest Development

    This could be huge for crypto in general , considering the BTC halving is coming pretty soon as well. As always NFA.
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