1. G

    See the metrics for your competitors

    I was looking in the facebook library today, and I started to wonder if there is any way to see my competitor's metrics. If there any software, I started to search today about it; if I find something I back to share here. I will be so glad if someone knows something about it.
  2. adflex

    AdFlex | The Advanced Ad Intelligence Tool | FOR FREE!

    FAQ How do I register? Simply visit adflex.io. Under “sign up”, register using your email. Done! How can I see Facebook ads about affiliate networks? You can select the affiliate network you're looking for in the "Marketing" category and find ads that are sending traffic to that network...
  3. adflex

    Which Ad-Tweet do you find most effective?

    Which of these ad types do you find most effective when you’re scrolling away on twitter? And which of them do you think works worst? Promoted Tweets - the annoying unwanted tweets in your feed Promoted accounts - other than showing accs in the timeline, twitter will suggest some people to...
  4. Apounéré

    I think The US Department of State is watching me!!! Should I be scared?

    so today while checking my earnings, i come across this (check out the attachment) ... from just 2 visits i earned $10:D i'm not even mad about it at this point... and this is like the fourth or fifth time this happened this month so far the question I have is whether they are just ordinary...
  5. Chokhmah

    Spy Shopify?

    I'm starting at a store on shopify. Could you inform me of any spy tools available here? I've been researching, heard about My Ecom Spy, but I can't find
  6. xiaohaizi

    Shopify + Spy + Copy, Can it be successful?

    I want to try shopify + dropship + facebook ads. I found that there are many spy tools to view successful stores and their ads. I have a idea that I can completely copy these successful store and these ads. Can I succeed?
  7. P

    Facebook Ad Spy Tools Bundle?

    Hi, I'm looking for websites where you can buy 1 membership that give you access to multiple facebook ad spy tools (like adSector or other tools). Could you please recommend the websites you know? thanks!
  8. Harnur

    Are there any CPA/CPL experts here?

    Where can i find ideas to create a CPA-offer landing page that converts well. OR How/Where can i spy on the CPA landing pages that are already famous...and have high ROI? Is there any software or manual way to do it?
  9. P

    How Can I Spy My Competitor Audience

    How Can I Spy My Competitor Audience in facebook, Please help me ..
  10. Hicham710

    How to Spy your competitors in Amazon ?

    Hi Guys, I'm new here in blackhatworld and I want to share with you how to spy your competitors in amazon 1. VisualPing Their Site for Changes in Activity You spend a lot of time on your own site, tweaking it so it delivers great user experience (UX) and looks great. As a result, you’re...
  11. EternalFun

    Be careful of Google

    https://www.reddit.com/r/privacy/comments/9mt78a/ok_google_what_the_heck_is_this/ My next phone will be an iPhone where Google is NOT the system.
  12. B


    would you guys suggest using spy tool for finding product and niches does it work or not and if its works can i know what are the best tools what do you guys think really need some help here
  13. Hatter Taiser

    Looking for new shopify profitable product ,URGENT!

    Hi Everybody We launched our Shopify Dropshipping Strore 4 months ago With FB spy tools and testing all the day , the revenue reach it's balance now But as the competition is growing , we are thirsty to find a new way to find more possible profitable product for testing , we tried Hot Sales on...
  14. ShiningWarrior

    Data that the telemetry agent collects in Microsoft Office

    Summary: Learn about the data that the telemetry agent collects for Office. The telemetry agent collects several types of telemetry data for Office as described in this article. For example, The file names of Office files that are in the Most Recently Used list. The names of add-ins and...
  15. cleanhead

    Shopify spy tools?

    Hey guys, i don't know if this the right place to ask this but i need to know if any of you knows about those websites that give you many spy tools for a price of one per month? i heard about it and saw some that offer this but i'm not sure!! anyone have any idea?
  16. ShiningWarrior

    Do you think we are being SPIED upon from time to time?

    Hi, just had this thought in my mind of whether our govt spies and reads our emails and watches what we do on the internet? I just signed up into this ministry of govt site to check an availability of a business name and don't know why but since then this thing has been on my mind that the govt...
  17. sam.hunt0710

    Cool Tricks to Spy on Successful Shopify Stores - Video Series

    This is first video of a series of videos I am gonna make on spying successful shopify stores and get some great product ideas to make some dollars via dropshipping. This first video is about a store which promotes via video views, no links in the video post. I reverse engineered the ad...
  18. IGNAS

    Are there any GOOD Facebook ads spy/research tools?

    Hey, I was wondering whether there are any worthwhile tools which scrape Sponsored FB posts/ads? Kinda' research tool like bigbigads.com - which is shut down now (don't know why). Thanks!
  19. M

    Spy gears dropshipper :)

    Hello people :) I am guessing that much of you didnt heard anything about this stuff :) I would like to talk a little about this stuff if you dont mind, and i hope you dont. Me, as a little boy, was dreaming about being a spy like James Bond, like idk Tom Cruise in mission impossible :) Nowdays...
  20. Madruga

    Careful With Your Chrome, @Gmail & Your Passwords! Avoid Getting Spied ~

    This isn't really a big discover, it's actually in front of your eyes (not only IM-ers), yet few choose to use or avoid them, so they let them be. But you see, that's not where the story ends. Most of the people are neglecting these little yet essencial 'settings', so I'm just spreading the...
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