Article Marketing: I like to write; I hate marketing. Help!

Aug 18, 2010
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Dear Black Hat World,

I've been doing - no, thinking about doing - online marketing for years. Now, it's more pressing than ever, because I'm out of work and in debt (health issues) and haven't gotten to the point of receiving financial support. Oh, and I have no qualifications - only a high school diploma. That's my sob story in a nutshell.

I've read a lot of guides, both free and paid, and in doing so, have realized that there are very few online methods of generating an income that appeal to me. One is article marketing. The others are autoblogging and domain parking, though this isn't the thread in which I'm going to ask questions about the latter two.

There's one thing standing in the way of getting my hands dirty in the article marketing world: Marketing.

When people start talking - nay, even clearly explaining - about niche and keyword selection, SEO, backlinks, etc., I feel like headbutting my monitor and making a hangman's noose out of a USB cable. Figuratively speaking.

I found out about article marketing years ago, don't remember how, but back then I only knew it as Bum Marketing. What I do remember about Travis Sago's original guide was that there was little to no mention (correct me if I'm wrong) about any of the dreaded aforementioned aspects of the process (SEO, backlinking, etc.); in fact, all I recall is something about "long tail keywords".

Is such a simple approach out of date (have times changed that much), or did the original guide have a lot of shortcomings?

Here's my wish for how article marketing could work:

1. I would have to do nothing more in the way of SEO or link building or any such things than choose a good long tail keyword, and lightly pepper the article and the resource box with it.

2. I would create hundreds, nay, thousands of articles, with dozens for each niche, using .INFO redirects to the CB affiliate page. No squeeze pages, email lists, or anything else would be required. Through sheer quantity, my articles would rank well in the search engines, and receive sufficient traffic with decent CTR from enough buyers to provide a relatively passive income.

3. I would earn at least $1500-2000 per month (what I figure I can frugally get by on alone with my needs).

Well, that's my little fantasy, anyway. Here's where someone's probably going to give me a dose of reality. Is my idea of sheer quantity making the steps I loathe doing unnecessary remotely realistic? I don't think I need so much help with the creative side of things (I'm no professional writer, but I think I can write well enough - certainly better than some of the approved articles I've seen out there - and writing an article - never mind rewriting articles and still having them approved - is easy enough for me).

But what am I to do about the marketing side of things? Any thoughts about choosing the right CB products, keywords to place within the articles and titles?

And even more so, what is the simplest way to ensure being listed, ranked well, and get buyer based traffic? I already have ten Ezine articles up, and duplicates on document sharing sites. I've gotten hundreds of views in total, though no sales yet. All the views pretty much died off after the first week or so.

I'm willing to outsource (pay someone else to do the work I can't stand) to ensure indexing, good page rank, backlinks and visitors, but there are so many options and I don't have a big budget (hell, I'm in debt, I don't have a real budget, period!), or the head to figure what's best for me.

If I were to pay for the "marketing" side of things, I'd kind of need an all-in-one service that could handle a lot of articles, that doesn't require me to have to do half of it myself, and wouldn't cost me more than, say, $30-$35/month (if that's even possible).

Please forgive the lengthiness of this post; being concise is one part of writing I haven't fully mastered! If you good people here can set me on the right path, I would immensely appreciate it; I've got one side of the issue taken care of (the writing); it's the other half that I need the most help with.


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Unless you have money... you can't do only the things you want and enjoy.

What people with income do is they outsource the work they don't like, and do the work that they do like.

If you're broke, you're either getting a job [flipping burgers or something] or you have to do most of the work yourself.
There are a lot of questions you asked... I sent you a PM to answer one or two of them.

Take advantage of the knowledge I am offering in the PM.
Were on the opposite side of things lol

I HATE actually writing the content, the marketing and SEO is what i prefer. Hit me up for a JV if you want
I hate marketing too, but you got to bight the bullet sometimes. It's a difficult progression, but the more you do it the better you'll be become. I have some of the same questions so BassTrackerBoats, if you can PM me what you PM the OP I would really appreciate it. Ayotex what does JV stand for?
I hate marketing too, but you got to bight the bullet sometimes. It's a difficult progression, but the more you do it the better you'll be become. I have some of the same questions so BassTrackerBoats, if you can PM me what you PM the OP I would really appreciate it. Ayotex what does JV stand for?

JV= Joint Venture

it's a mutually beneficial partnership between two people.

Like affiliates and product launches.
Hi people,

Thanks for all your replies thus far. To BassTrackerBoats, thank you for the note; I may be in touch. As for doing some of the work I don't like since I don't have lots of money to outsource - well, I can technically afford a little bit of outsourcing service, but I'm not talking a hundred bucks a month right now.

Does anyone have any thoughts about using sheer quantity of articles to evade the marketing side of things?

It's not only a matter of disliking marketing in my case, it's a matter of my brain simply not comprehending it well enough. You know how some people are great at math and terrible at English? Well, I'm sort of the reverse of that. Maybe "great" is an exaggeration, but you know what I'm saying.

ayotex, I'm from Canada, too. I can't get in touch with you yet or post a way to rech me here (not enough posts), but hey, if you want to get in touch, could you send me a message of a way to get in touch with you off of the forum?

Thanks all, and please keep those suggestions coming if you would!
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