1. Josh Saga

    Any Experience Re-Writing EzineArticles?

    Hello, Saw a lot of Ezine Articles discussing topics related to my niche with depth and with good enough word count 1500-2500. Do you guys recommend re-writing Ezine Articles for your own content? Thanks, Josh
  2. Josh Saga

    What are Ezine Articles for?

    Need some advice, Is it a membership service where I can use their articles, spin it or rewrite it? Or is it a place to hire writers? I am confused, and the sites UI hurts my eyes - would appreciate some help Thanks Josh
  3. Azcension

    What are some sample eZine websites?

    I've heard a little bit about eZine websites -- are they a good route to go down nowadays? I'd like to be able to see some example sites, as I'm still not too sure what they are.
  4. F

    high converting articles

    hy all BHW i have some questions regarding promoting articles .......answers only experience i have 57 best converting articles of products, can i resubmit on ezine and articlebase with my hopelink. or any idea how to use them? if i write a unique content on products, it simply include review or...
  5. PeterPerseo

    Can it work building T2 and T3 tiers to Yahoo Answers?

    I have many yahoo answers pointing to my money site. All this backlinks are of course nofollow but I think they are important for Google because of the very high authority of Yahoo. In effect, I can see all my yahoo answers backlinks on my Google Webmaster Tools. 1) I wonder if can be useful to...
  6. P

    Dragon naturally

    Can anybody give some suggestions and ways rewriting ezine articles and selling. Yesterday, I downloaded DNS and working very great. Let me know how I can make some bucks.
  7. G

    Wrote an ezinearticle with backlink, but it doesn't show up in Yahoo Site Explorer

    I recently wrote an informative article for ezinearticles and it was accepted right away. (It was one of those lists like: "9 reasons why...") and it has my website domain in the article. I checked yahoo site explorer and it's still not showing ezinearticles as a backlink. It's been about a...
  8. putrasandy

    Why Always Fail When Submit In Ezine Using AMR??

    Hello all, I tried many time to submit my premium article in Ezine using AMR, but its always fail.. How to solve that? I saw in AMR just have "categories" but ezine needs "categories" and "sub-categories". This is one of the reason I always failed? How about you, please give me tips
  9. renegaderats

    Ezine .info redirect hosting?

    Wats up guys and dolls, I am about to get started with some article marketing on Ezine/articlebase, I will be promoting ClickBank products. I have a few questions before I jump in if you would be so kind as to tell me whats what. I have read over and over that I will need to buy a .info url...
  10. M

    DAE See Major Article Site Rankings Drop

    I have saw 100's of my articles on the 2 major article sites drop from page 1 and plunge down the serps. No BS. Hundreds of pages at AB and EZ. Anyone else notice this. Did they lose their G juice? Has this happened before? Will they come back? Could they come back with more work? Does anyone...
  11. O

    Article Marketing: I like to write; I hate marketing. Help!

    Dear Black Hat World, I've been doing - no, thinking about doing - online marketing for years. Now, it's more pressing than ever, because I'm out of work and in debt (health issues) and haven't gotten to the point of receiving financial support. Oh, and I have no qualifications - only a high...
  12. Genghis John

    Need killer junk traffic source - twitter maybe?

    Let me start by saying that I only want junk traffic, not a conversion of any kind with it. It's called make $100 per week with ezine or something (can't post the link, and I don't know the trick around it...dangit) The above thread is very interesting, and I have already thought of this...
  13. B

    What Is The Best Source Of Junk Traffic? (boost ezine article views)

    It seems people used scrape box for this in the past, but I hear that does not work anymore. Nevertheless, I have seen a couple authors that have insane numbers of views for articles in multiple categories. I would think that junk traffic has all the footprints that you would need, but what do...
  14. M

    Submitting Articles

    Hi there, I want know when you guys submitting articles to different top page rank articles site do you guys do it manually? Because I found this process quite time consuming because every time i need to log into different site and then type a different intro.....etc. Is there any faster way to...
  15. D

    Xrumming Article directories

    I haven't used xrumer before. I would like to know from any experienced user about what he/she thinks about xrumming a new ezine, buzzel or infobarrel article? I want to use these sites because they are already trusted sites in google eyes.
  16. L

    [REQ] Article Directory Scraper or Downloader??

    Does anyone know of an Article Directory (Ezine, Go, etc) scraper or downloader? Preferably with some sort of search feature (keyword, category, etc) that can fetch and download the text based articles? Any suggestions? Thanks.
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