Need killer junk traffic source - twitter maybe?

Genghis John

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Aug 28, 2010
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Let me start by saying that I only want junk traffic, not a conversion of any kind with it.

It's called make $100 per week with ezine or something (can't post the link, and I don't know the trick around it...dangit)

The above thread is very interesting, and I have already thought of this beforehand. I have researched people's opinions on good pain traffic services.

Here's a decent list:
buy hits cheap
web visitors now
one dollar services
choker traffic

WVN is on ebay as a best seller, so that looks good. Supposing this is a good service for the above method, is blanking the referrer necessary?

Also, can social media traffic be better than the above services in this instance? How could I quickly drive copious amounts of traffic?
Twitter is garbage. Most don't even bother to click through to anything. Just buy one of the expired domain traffic packages because they work.
When I say twitter, I mean from a (hopefully) niche-targeted list of thousands of loyal followers, which I am led to believe is attainable.

Do you mean any one of the services I listed when you say "expired domain packages"?
If you want junk traffic, donkeymailsdotcom (can't post url lol) is your man!
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