junk traffic

  1. lanterns

    Can a competitor actually hurt my ranking ( website & store on amazon *etsy ) using junk traffic

    Can a competitor actually hurt my ranking ( website & store on amazon *etsy ) using junk traffic or what are the possible ways that they can use and how can Protect my self? if anyone have an idea I would be much grateful
  2. T

    The Ultimate Guide to Stopping Junk Traffic in Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is probably one of the most important elements of the decision-making process of your website. The success or failure of your efforts (SEO, ad campaigns, social media, content marketing, etc.) can be easily determined by the accuracy and value of your GA reports. If you don't...
  3. Internet-Marketer

    How to Reduce CTR for Blackhat Traffic

    Hey, I am wondering how to reduce CPA offer CTR for blackhat traffic? I am using lander if I will buy junk traffic then it may not be click on offer button or link. Only get impressions for lander but not get clicks or impressions for reducing CTR. So, anyone can help me to reduce CTR and get...
  4. E

    Looking for cheap traffic (pixel traffic, junk traffic)

    Hello, Does anyone offer cheap traffic for websites? The following traffic methods are preferred: pixel traffic or popup traffic If you do supply cheap traffic, please don't hesitate to add me on skype: tazfan69 or drop a private message here on black hat world.
  5. W

    Iframe traffic not recording in analytics

    I want to send "junk traffic" to another site via an iframe. I've done some initial testings and found that not all referrals from the main site are being recorded in the second website (the site in the iframe). I noticed only a fraction like 10% of the traffic from site1 are being recorded by...
  6. G

    I need junk traffic that can be sent to a page that redirects to my landing page

    I'm using a combination of slicing and redirection scripts, and I need junk traffic that I can throw at my 'whitehat' blog redirect page i.e. http://mysite.com/blog?n=555 so I can fake the referrer making it seem like the traffic came from that blog. The redirect is instantaneous of course...
  7. Genghis John

    Need killer junk traffic source - twitter maybe?

    Let me start by saying that I only want junk traffic, not a conversion of any kind with it. It's called make $100 per week with ezine or something (can't post the link, and I don't know the trick around it...dangit) The above thread is very interesting, and I have already thought of this...
  8. B

    What Is The Best Source Of Junk Traffic? (boost ezine article views)

    It seems people used scrape box for this in the past, but I hear that does not work anymore. Nevertheless, I have seen a couple authors that have insane numbers of views for articles in multiple categories. I would think that junk traffic has all the footprints that you would need, but what do...
  9. R

    Junk Traffic - Ways to use it!

  10. Ramsweb

    Where can I get junk traffic for free?

    I have read the posts by Harro about traffic. I am however looking for junk traffic just to get some views on a certain link. The only requirement is that they have to be mostly from the U.S. or U.K I have done the following but am not getting many clicks at all. Spam emails to yahoo groups...
  11. webmastr

    In Need of Junk Traffic Advice

    I'm in need of some advice related to sending junk traffic to my CPA offers. Obviously I need the traffic to lower my conversion rate, and I have all of the numbers/offers figured out on the back end. The only thing left to setup is consistent, reliable, junk traffic, however, I don't want it...
  12. kharm

    why doesn't Junk traffic show up under CPA company stats?

    I'm IFRAMING an email submit CPA offer - and incentivizing to get conversions, but DoubleMetaRefresh so the CPA company won't see where the traffic comes from. My goal is $15-$20/day to stay per account to under the radar, and I've been doing this.. but the problem is when I send Junk Traffic...
  13. D

    Watering down CTR/CR

    I made a tool for watering down my CPA conversion rates. Actually it's turning any traffic sources on your website into clicks to one or more targeted url without your visitor knowing it. A backend is available and you can: set the percentage of your traffic you want to convert in clicks...
  14. hotboy2111

    Is this the right way to send junk traffic to cover up ctr?

    I need to know is this the right way to send junk traffic to cover up my ctr. First off im using the cpa redirect plugin, so my question is when I register to a traffic site such as trafficholder do I give them my magic number URL that redirects to a fake blog and goes straight to the offer...
  15. cupid_stunt

    Where To Buy Targeted Junk Traffic?

    Hi There, this is my first post on BHW but I need some help finding some sources of Junk Traffic to lower conversion rates. I've browsed through the threads here but am yet to find a site with a good login panel that allows setting a daily cap, USA targeted and cheap traffic. I've tried...
  16. bluemagic

    Cheapass Junk Traffic

    Anyone know of any cheap traffic sources that deliver unique visitors within a few days, I've tried BHC, traffic emporium, and a few others but none of them deliver fast enough.
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