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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by gaganbal, Oct 6, 2015.

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    Hey guys,

    So when I was 15 years old I made a adsense account and got banned. Now I'm 19, and my apeals were denied. So I made a second account. In the 4 years since my other account all my information has changed besides my name and SSN. So I made this account put by SSN in and everything looks fine for now. I'm worried that my old account may have had my SSN in there as well and then they might be linked. I was advised on this forum to create a DBA and then get a EIN so I can't be linked. I'm about to start that process but first I have some other questions.
    1) Should I close my second adsense account before there linked? or does google only try to link account like that after you reach the payment threshold?
    2) The DBA process takes a couple weeks, should I not register for anything (Youtube, Gmail, and Adsense) until the process is complete?

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    It's very hard to tell how google is working regarding security for example I was banned from Adsense 4 years ago and I had to made a new account almost 1 year ago the only information different is the address (I'm not in the US but it's the same name and bank account) and I used the same computer to logged on both yet I'm still making money with my new account.
    For extra safety you should close your current account (but google will still keep the information somewhere), use a proxy/VPN and an different browser for each accounts.