1. D

    Banning 100 WhatsApp Accounts

    Hey search some one who can ban me WhatsApp Accounts from Sex Worker
  2. jaroule

    Risks of Account Ban with Multiple IP Addresses (mobile/residential) on Social Media?

    Hi everyone, Is there a risk of an account ban if I create a social media account with one IP, warm it up with an IP from a different country, and then use it with another IP? Any experiences or insights? *Accounts mean: reddit,twitter,youtube,tiktok,gmail Thanks
  3. L__Sharma

    Telegram account ban - how to unban it??

    Hey everyone! My Telegram account was banned after I sent the same message to 10-15 users. It wasn't spam, I just had a proposal to my partners to do some marketing activities. Some of them even started replying and then BUM! The number is banned. I wrote to Telegram support via another account...
  4. Akaroth

    [SURVEY] For those who buy Reddit Upvotes

    Some people say there was a ban wave this last week for people who were buying upvotes. Is that true ? I'm about to start selling upvotes in a few days, and that's something I'd like to know hehe Thank you for participating in my survey :D
  5. M

    ✅✅✅Number block on Telegram. Solutions ✅✅✅

    Who knows how to restore telegram number? I've written to all possible support services, but so far no response. Also will be useful information how to pull data if there was a destop version, at least chats with which there was communication. Too much working information is lost
  6. Zoltan66

    Ban Wave

    Has anyone else just got a Ban wave? I'm trying to figure out what caused this, if I'm the only one then I probably did something wrong.
  7. D

    Marketplace ban on multiple accounts. VPN doesn’t work.

    Hey guys I recently got banned on Facebook marketplace. This happens a lot, but usually I can just make a new fake profile and everything is OK again. This time is different and every fake profiles instantly banned after my first listing. Even tried using a vpn, doesn’t change anything. What do...
  8. Dav1s

    Subreddit mass bans

    Recently Reddit has been cracking down on loads of subreddits, especially adult ones, what's behind this?
  9. Z

    Is it a ban for one mistake?

    My client accidentally copied his website and linked to the copied page from the main page. Then overnight the main keyword dropped from position 1 to position 80, and it hasn't recovered since then. (Many other keywords also dropped down.) It was a month ago. We have already solved the problem...
  10. D

    YT termination workaround

    Few weeks ago I got my yt channel terminted becouse of spam. I posted many shorts per day so my guess is that was the case. My other accounts weren't terminated. So I created new channel and uploaded tottaly different content. Now here's the catch: every short or long format content that I...
  11. 0

    Flood report to get an account ban

    Hello, 2 year ago i was following a dude who was banning any twitter account he wanted im 90% sure that he was mass reporting theses accounts, I'd like to do the same. I have no idea where to start any idea ? What i need to know ? Maybe my guess is wrong and he is doing it otherwhise. Thank you
  12. dieuetlefer

    Tinder Proxy

    Hi I'm able to bot any apps, and I have tinder bot but my proxies seems to be the problem. Somebody can help me about that ? Association are possible! Thanks in advance telegram: innedp
  13. Ilkbam

    How to avoid shadow-ban?

    Hi I have an account that I use to reply to certain questions, each time I link to my website after the response, I try to be as human as possible, will I get shadow-banned soon? Should I try to act as a real user? I just made the account 4 days ago. Thanks!
  14. justmeus

    My 88K Tiktok account got deleted

    Hi guys, So I have build a 88K Tiktok account in 1.5 month. I just opened the app on my mobile and its gone. Pretty depressing.. any tips to avoid bans in the future?
  15. N

    How to avoid Facebook Ban?

    Hello folks. I had a warmed account and I sent links only on private message. I use url shortener Bitly. I dont spam pm I just reply on people who messages me. Is the reason coz I use Bitly or coz I copy paste text message and link inside or its coz I send to many messages? How to avoid account...
  16. P

    How can I evade a reddit ban?

    So I got perma banned from reddit and my plan is to use a new IP and a whole different device. (I´ll get a new provider in a week) My question is: What should I do with my iPhone and my PC which are logged in into my banned accounts, because I dont want to "infect" my new IP? Is it enough to...
  17. Munroc

    Create new account after being banned

    Hello all, A few days ago I was wrongly permanently banned by Twitter, I tried to appeal but got no answer. So now I want to create another account and start from zero again, but I will be banned again. I'll try to contact my ISP and ask for an IP change and get a new phone number, but still...
  18. W

    Activating permanently disabled account?

    Is it possible to get a perma disabled account back? A representative from facebook told me to wait 30 days, and now i have a message saying that im perma banned because 30 days have passed since i was disabled. I really need this account back, its my business. If anyone knows something, let me...
  19. W

    Stuck with disabled IG account

    Im stuck with this message for the past 2 weeks... Any suggestions? yes i did verify it in the app already, it says to wait 24h but its 2 weeks now.
  20. jvx

    Banned IG account because of too many opened tabs

    Hey, let my post serve as both a warning and a question if there's some knowledgeable IG people in here. The warning Opening/browsing too many tabs of people accounts on IG desktop can lead to a ban, it just happened to me. I guess it has to do with API calls to fetch profiles. They'll give...
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