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    Any practical database resources and tools?

    I am student in computer science and honestly I hate most of the classes that I have taken so far in my major except the two IT electives that I have taken which are an entry level database class and a data warehousing class. Both classes were interesting but even though they were junior and...
  2. G

    Adsense Business Account Questions

    Hey guys, So when I was 15 years old I made a adsense account and got banned. Now I'm 19, and my apeals were denied. So I made a second account. In the 4 years since my other account all my information has changed besides my name and SSN. So I made this account put by SSN in and everything...
  3. F

    got banned from ebay. how to get new ebay and paypal account without my personal info?

    got baned from ebay. but i still need doing business on ebay. also it is so hard to get back my old account. so is anyway that i can apply a new ebay and paypal account? i know that i can not use my personal info to do it anymore. but can i register a new ebay and paypal account with LLC and...
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