A List of Useful Features Added Since the Update

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    I thought I'd ramble off a couple of things I've discovered since the update.

    NOTE: Most of these are either new features or features made more accessible or easier to find. I'm sure at least a couple were around before the update in different spots within the layout. Don't expect an exhaustive list or a list that doesn't overlap with previous features.

    1. Some (all?) posts have a 120 minute edit and delete limit. After 120 minutes, you cannot edit or delete a post you've made. I'm sure there are exceptions (e.g. marketplace landing pages, moderators, granted edit/delete requests).

    2. You can follow threads by going to "Alerts" on the top right and looking down one of the left-hand menus.

    3. You can follow forums and (I think) sub-forums by going to "Alerts" on the top right and looking down one of the left-hand menus.

    4. There is no iTrader score for individual members anymore. If it does exist, then it's not displayed beside posts or thanks anymore.

    5. You get real(ish) time, pop-up alerts when somebody comments on your thread or a thread you've commented on. I can only assume it works the same way for followed forums and threads.

    6. "Thanks" now give pop-up alerts.

    7. You can double-post on the same thread in a row and receive both posts towards your post count. I think this is a bug, but I'm not sure. I remember accidentally double posting before the update and only getting 1 post towards my post count. If it is a bug, it should be fixed soon. There are other anti-spam, anti-automation systems on BHW that have not been working since the update, but I wouldn't worry too much. In a week I'm sure everything will be fine again.

    8. "Your Thread Has Been Posted" is now a cool-looking, transparent pop-up.
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