1. CreativeDaddy

    IG down again?

    Title Network Requested Failed for 30 minutes
  2. Raman Sharma

    Keywords are not showing in Google SERP

    Before two weeks my website keywords ranking on 2nd page of Google (12,13,14) positions. But from the last 7 days, I can't see my keywords in till 5 pages. SEMRush & Ahrefs showing the same position as they were ranking. But now not showing any result. What is this? Why it's happening? Note:-...
  3. leadingsmm

    Facebook is DOWN.

    Why do you think, it happens always to Facebook and rarely for Instagram or even Google?
  4. letuvis

    Followplanner down?

    Hello people of BHW! I cannot access followplanner.. Am I the only one? Maybe here's someone involved with the product itself?
  5. ShiningWarrior

    Is Skype down?

    Hey, is skype down for anyone else?
  6. K

    Why is the bitcoin price going down

    Hello Mates, I am Kritika. I am an investor. I wanna know why is crypto price going down? When Will it come on stable stage? Thanks in advance!
  7. djpabloh

    Is the Inst-apocalipse WHAT now?

    Massplanner down and followliker seems is the next. What alternatives do we have now that the best bots get down? Post an alternative. (no spam pls).
  8. ramyh96

    Instagress...FL Next?!

    Is there any chance that instagram will force FollowLiker to close too? Please share your ideas
  9. renepaolo27

    Was BHW down in PH for 24 hours?

    So I live in the Philippines. 24 hours earlier, I was can't access BHW. I restarted my router, clear cache and cookies, restarted my laptop, but still I can't seem to access BHW. I also tried to use my phone but still cannot. I can connect to other sites except for BHW. I thought I was banned...
  10. Noah Hawryshko

    A List of Useful Features Added Since the Update

    I thought I'd ramble off a couple of things I've discovered since the update. NOTE: Most of these are either new features or features made more accessible or easier to find. I'm sure at least a couple were around before the update in different spots within the layout. Don't expect an exhaustive...