1. Tanjiro B

    Help: Facebook Page Has been Hacked

    My Facebook page has 23k followers and Just got hacked, You can say I got scammed by an MF, I gave him access to my page for some reason but he removed me and blocked me from everywhere. can anyone tell me how can i recover my page before it is too late
  2. Loklush

    How to Recover My Site After Site Got Hacked [Need Suggestion Urgently]

    My Site got hacked on 6th of October and I recovered my full site from backup on 14th of October after that I saw my google Index posts raise to 200K+ posts on google all malicious post links which is created by hacker. After that I request google though GSC for removal of all malicious post...
  3. Panther28

    My YouTube Channel Got HACKED and How I Got It BACK

    Good video if you want to make sure you get your accounts back easily worst case scenario. Write those codes down somewhere.
  4. underground-rap

    How can I fix a hacked WordPress site? (Elementor Pro issue + Chinese SEO Hack)

    Hello there, so I have a client that fcked up his clients site by installing nulled Elementor Pro. Now the Meta and even the homepage show a different page in chinese langauge. So it's the chinese WP Hack. I want to fix it for him but might run into some issues. I was thinking if there are some...
  5. MadsDK

    My website has been hacked - I need help

    Hi I have been fighting a tough battle for the past week against a hacker who keeps injecting malware into my file manager and I have no idea how this is possible and how to fix it once and for all. I have since I discovered the malware files: Changed all passwords Updated all my plugins and...
  6. SeasonedCode

    what to do if a site got hacked

    Hello BHW I wanna ask you, guys, what if I had many websites in the same web hosting plan and for ex one of those sites got hacked is there any probable attacks on my other sites that are in the same web hosting plan
  7. PeterPerseo

    Huge wave of hacked websites!

    Since last 24 december I had multiple hacker attacks on many of my WP websites. Some of these websites had installed 1 or 2 nulled plugins (but purchased from, I think, trustworthy sources), some other without any cracked plugin or theme but they were in the same cPanel hosting of other...
  8. L

    How to make this domain Clean

    https://ibb.co/F6Ldjv1 please check the screen shot and give me some suggestions how to make this domain clean Thank You
  9. D

    Wordpress website got hacked and now i got this in SERP

    I resotred my website and deleted all malicious code, but i still see this trash in when i do site:mywebsite.com. I don't know how hackers do this, how it possible to put these pages instantly to google results. I can't index my content to google through Instant index API or Google Index API...
  10. PremiumAds

    Dont.farm being sued by Google LLC

    I am aware dont.farm is a member of this forum and is currently Shitlisted by dozens of other members. If this kind of thread is not allowed please delete it. Here's the document that goes over lawsuit details. https://storage.googleapis.com/gweb-uniblog-publish-prod/documents/1_Complaint.pdf...
  11. thesyndicate

    Have anybody using wp-script.com got hacked?

    Have anybody using wp-script.com got hacked? I saw somewhere that it easy to hack the script. Is there anything you could do to prevent it?
  12. L

    my wordpress website got hacked need help

    my website got hacked i think header working fine , footer working fine all other pages working fine only home page not visible all content not showing but when i update home page it shows for few seconds then again all content gone in inspect element also all content showing how to...
  13. Turbo B.

    Hacked backlinks SEO power ?

    So i won auction of expired domain with very good backlinks profile for low price. It has many do-follow homepage backlinks from many sites - only one problem - these links are hacked. Links are hidden on hacked sites by placing them out of the visible screen: <div style="position: absolute...
  14. A

    I got hacked, need help. Please

    HI. My 320k subscriber's youtube channel got hacked. They did some cryptocurrency live streaming then completely deleted my channel. I recovered my Gmail account (the google accounts team helped me) and I checked account activity and its looks like hackers used my laptop to change the account...
  15. Pardesi

    [Urgent] My Dad's Gmail got Hacked today. How to recover ??

    So, My dad's gmail just got hacked and the hacker changed the recovery phone number. After that we received a mail that a Google Adwords payment was made from his account. Fortunately, the hacker didn't change the recovery mail address and I tried to recover the account but it seems like...
  16. Luca Jones

    Someone registered my EMAIL ID as their SKYPE live ID? - PLEASE DONT ADD MY SKYPE

    Hello BHW! It came to my attention that unfortunately, some low-life scammer who don't really know how to earn any money online decided to go out scamming, and that is by somehow registering my email address as their Skype name ID to scam people using my services. PLEASE DO NOT ADD MY EMAIL...
  17. SeedPhrase

    Whats wrong with my Browsers??

    from 2days whatever am searching in any of my browsers...am seeing these 5 sites first. When I click any one of them I see this custom search engine. what's wrong?
  18. Sebastian Velandia

    My Godaddy Account got hacked and hacker changed DNS of my domain (PLEASE HELP)

    Hello yesterday morning my Godaddy account got hacked, I have managed the situation and I will surely recover access to my account and my domains are safe... However the hacker changed the DNSs of my domains, my websites are pointing to an empty folder, so all the ranked pages I have in SERPs...
  19. insom

    (help) Got hacked !!!

    I just checked google webmaster for one of my websites and noticed almost 40k internals links. My website just has 5 pages and 5 blog posts. In site:Sitename.com its showing 15k results and almost all of them are redirecting to some Spanish ecomm website. what I did till now: changed the...
  20. Shubhankar Paranjape

    WHO, Gates Foundation, Wuhan institute of Virology- HACKED!

    In last couple days, hackers got into the WHO, Gates Foundation and Wuhan Institute of Virology servers and downloaded EVERYTHING. Literally all the existent data up till now. Emails, CCTV footages, Notes, Private Files, voice records, screenshots... Everything. And what next? They leaked it...
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