1400 mail.ru accounts instantly disabled upon creation


Sep 27, 2017
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Something very strange happened just a few minutes prior. I loaded 1,500 mail.ru accounts into a popular automated account creator software (I won't include the name at the risk of harming the reputation of said program as the problem is definitely not related to the software) using proxies and 1450 of the accounts were instantly disabled upon creation. Initially I assumed the software was malfunctioning and returning "email already associated with account" out of error, I also assumed that perhaps the emails sold to me were second hand, but after checking the logs of the application I was able to see that the emails I loaded had usernames and passwords corresponding to the emails although it wasn't displayed as a created account via the interface. I then wanted to check if it was an interface malfunction so I attempted to log into several of these accounts via browser and everyone I tried evidently was disabled upon creation. Has anyone every experienced something like this? Literally 1450 of the 1500 emails were instantly disabled upon creation. Is this related to the mail.ru accounts or the proxies? This is very strange, I've never experienced something like this any feedback would be appreciated