account create bot

  1. H

    SAFE twitter automated account creator with posting

    Hi friends! I am looking for a bot code or automated tool that avoids being banned and is reliable - these are the most important things things for me! I would like to have a list of people/words to search for and makes posts on each account. The bot will run and log in to the different...
  2. Nekronomikon

    What does a website know about me (my bot)?

    Lets say I want to automate an account creation process, what are factors that the website where I create the accounts on, can find out about me/my bot? And what are red flags for websites that I'm a bot, besides using the same IP address? Can they also find out my MAC Address as an indicator...
  3. Dejan V.

    I Need Audible Account Creator

    I am looking for a coder that can create Account Creator that works (listener accounts). I would like to relate to professional and honest people.
  4. Z

    Have ZennoPoster Linkedin Template ?

    Helo I'm looking for Linkedin account creator script example for Zennoposter... Is it available? Thanks Z
  5. R

    1400 accounts instantly disabled upon creation

    Something very strange happened just a few minutes prior. I loaded 1,500 accounts into a popular automated account creator software (I won't include the name at the risk of harming the reputation of said program as the problem is definitely not related to the software) using proxies and...
  6. flashsites

    [CODE] Need a C# Kik bot

    Can someone help me with making a kik bot? I'm a fellow dev so I'll be paying a reasonable rate. There are several bots on my list so this could be good for you $$$. Please send me or kik or skype so we can talk more.
  7. flashsites

    C# signup bot guru

    Hi I'm working on a bot and have met my match. Can anyone help me finish this Skout bot? For some reason signup seems impossible. Even with selenium :(
  8. A

    i need to facebook account creator

    hello everyone i want to create 4000 accounts and i need to facebook 4000 fake accounts anyone can help me i need to or account creator -----> It is not a problem if **Facebook** accounts are disabled after 2 or 3 days <------
  9. imrootx

    Create Unlimited Facebook Account without Phone Number and Selfie Verification

    Hey Guys ! I found a method to make unlimited facebook account without any security check point Browser : Mozilla Firefox Addons : EditThisCookie, Random Agent-Spoofer Email : Temp Mail from mohmal .com 1 . First generate a temp mail from mohmal , then fill up facebook form normally. you will...
  10. flashsites

    Skout: SMS Verification Provider

    Need help on a C# bot, hoping to find a dev to help me make classes for different sites. *Also: Im triyng to make a Skout bot but cant find a good sms provider. Must have API. Do you know any?
  11. S

    Skout: Phone Verifications Not Working

    Hi, I've tried some of the most popular phone verifiaction services and none work with Skout. Are they somehow blocking these numbers before they are used. Any fellow bot makers out there with a solution? I need an SMS provider with API access for a bot.
  12. sneakermagic

    Need account creator ASAP Complete task within 24 hours max

    I need to have an account generator made. Php or Python preferred. The accounts I am generating require: First Name Last Name Address Details Email Phone Date of Birth I will provide all of these details in a csv. format. Each account should be generated using new cookie session and with new...
  13. thinkinghat

    Looking for Comment Bot creator - simple account creation and comment posting

    i am looking for bot developer to create an account creator and comment poster bot for 1 website. here is the flow We provide email address with password list Bot creates account on and confirms the email. goes to the chat box and posts comments in this chat box continuously. must...
  14. flashsites

    iTunes Account Creation for fake DLs

    Hey guys, Im curious if anyone has heard of an app or service that generates fake itunes accounts? I notice a lof of people selling installs and wonder if they downloads are from people or robots. Thanks *Also any accounts people want automatically created, let me know as I'm working on a...
  15. D

    Twitter account create bot

    I WANT A TWITTER ACCOUNT BOT TO create about 100-1000 accounts? is that feasible? is there some free Tool I can try by myself first?